We’ve been making changes to the blog recently.  Hopefully you think for the better.  In addition to favorite posts, better search options, and a new look, we’ve added a discounts section.  A place where our past giveaway partners can offer up discounts to you.

So do a little shopping.  Maybe get a few people checked off your holiday list.  And, we’re also offering a 10% discount now through January 1 using the code OHA2011 at checkout.  Buy customized art for a special someone in your life.  And, this weekend only, we’re offering 20% off with the code OHA1020.  Act fast, by Monday, the deal is done.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

One thought on “Discounts

  1. Oooh, everyone loves a discount! I’ll be sure to check them out, thanks. I should get on with some holiday shopping, I love to have it all done in plenty of time (and preferably without having to leave the house!)

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