You Got the Light Stuff, Baby

All you NKOTB fans, that was for you.  For all you light fans reading this, the rest of this post is for you.

Before we started tearing apart our kitchen, we had a single boob light fixture in the center of the room, a recessed can over the sink, and a lame light in our vent hood.

The light in the center cast shadows and didn’t properly light a room in which wielding knives is an everyday occurrence.  So with the soffiting gone-zo, we installed four recessed can lights, each centered over a work area.  One on either side of the stove, another over the peninsula, and one over the dishwasher.  Three halogen lights are built-in our vent hood, so we have plenty of task lighting over the stove.

I had dreams of pretty pendants, specifically these, over the sink and the bar top.

Sadly, that couldn’t happen.  Remember the off centered sink?  Pretty sure a pendant centered over the sink, but not on the window wouldn’t look so great.  Neither would a pendant centered on the window but not over the sink.  That and the pitch of our roof doesn’t allow a larger box that close to the exterior.  So we’re going with a small recessed can over the sink.

But we can still have two or three pendants over the bar top, right?  Wrong.  For some unknown reason, I hoped we’d have enough space below the header to install pendant lights.  Ben built the header to match the dining room, which is made of two by twelves with sheet rock over.

Of course structural integrity is priority over pretty lights.  No pendants for this kitchen, but we need a way to light the new bar.  And I still want pretty lights somewhere in the kitchen.  We settled on pendant lights on the posts and the search began.  True to form, my requirements are based on looks and price.  Pretty yet sleek design, a combination of silver (whether brushed or polished) and glass, has to be 4.25 inches or narrower, and of course, the cheaper the better.

An online search yielded three favorites, all from Home Depot.  First, this frosted glass brushed nickel combo for $37.61.


Then this brushed nickel swivel light for $84.60 each.

I would have rotated it 90 degrees to pivot up and down.  Finally, this nickel and glass beauty for $38.16.

Ben and I agreed that this one was our favorite, so I called our local store to check the availability and they don’t carry this one.  Boo.

Then fate stepped in.  While at Home Depot to buy marble tile for the back splash and a few other kitchen essentials, we took a stroll down the lighting department.  We found sconces we loved for $34.97 a piece.  Apparently these weren’t listed on Home Depot’s website.  But they’re Hampton Bay chrome and glass sconces.

We’re waiting to install the sconces until we’re finished with the counter tops.  In related news, Ben hates the teal door knobs.

He said, and I quote, ” “It looks like something an old lady dealing with gender issues would like.”  I don’t know exactly what gender issues have to do with anything, but it can’t be a good thing.  I’m guessing he’ll also hate these mercury glass knobs from Anthro.  Ben wants something brushed nickel or stainless to match the drawer handles we’ll use for the lowers.  (We bought a ten pack of identical handles from Lowe’s for $31.50)

After hearing great reviews about Top Knobs, I did some research.  I like this simple brushed nickel knob for $5.20 each.

And these matching pulls for $4.70.

Love the look, don’t love the price tag.  Maybe Ben will like the teal knobs more once he learns six cost only fifteen bucks versus $28.20 for these.  I haven’t seen anything else that pumps my tire.

What about you.  Do you hem and haw over finishing details like lighting and hardware?  To me, lights and hardware are the jewelry of a kitchen.  It makes the outfit special and personal.

19 thoughts on “You Got the Light Stuff, Baby

  1. The simple brushed nickel knob from Top Knobs looks awesome. It gets my vote (which I know doesn’t really count toward anything, but still wanted to share my support). Nice work so far; can’t wait to see it all finished!

    1. Hey Kevin M, Thanks for sharing your opinion! We’ll have to see what we decide. Thanks so much for your support!

      Hi Meggan S. Ha, I’m with you. 😉


  2. “The light in the center cast shadows and didn’t properly light a room in which wielding knives is an everyday occurrence.”

    I laughed at that! 😛

    I have to agree with Ben. Maybe I’m matchy-matchy, but I like the idea of all of the drawer pulls being consistent.

  3. I too vote for the Top Knobs. Laughing at the “gender issues” comment. Oddly enough I think I know the type of older woman he is talking about. The kind that no longer looks good in stylish clothes because child bearing and bad diet have completely taken away her figure so she is barrel shaped and so she chooses to add puffy paint and beads to sweatshirts instead of wearing tailored clothes. And yes, somehow I can indeed see a woman like that choosing those same knobs from Hobby Lobby.

    1. Hey Jenn! Glad you got a laugh. 🙂 We’ll have to see what we find for nickel or brushed stainless hardware and go from there. We’ll keep ya updated.

      Hi Tmichelle1, Bahahaha. Love your description of the gender issue female, specifically the puffy paint reference. Thanks for the laugh!


  4. I also like the metal knobs better. But, if you can find something more unusual that you both agree on, it doesn’t matter what the rest of us think 🙂

    One thing to consider is whether you want the finish to match. It looks like the pulls you have are brushed stainless and the knobs you are considering are brushed nickel.

  5. Loooove those mercury glass ones but they probably won’t go well with the brushed nickle. Blah for matching finishes. I randomly found really pretty blue knobs at TJ Maxx for $6-10 for 6 sets on clearance. Now I just need some closet doors to put them on!

  6. Have you thought about using the same drawer handles vertically on the doors… Then you don’t have to worry about matching brushed nickel finishes etc.? Just a thought…

    1. Hi Hil, That is another consideration. That’s why I’m leaning toward the matching knobs. We’ll see though. More local shopping before a decision can be made.

      Hey Nora! Isn’t that a bummer? I can’t figure out why there aren’t more blue options! Nice deal at TJ Maxx, too!

      Hi Katie, That was the original plan until Ben mentioned he thought he wanted knobs for the uppers. Using the same pulls is our fall back option. 🙂


    1. Hi Gabbi! That second link is a perfect match to our pulls. And that’s a great price! Thank you so much for sharing!!


  7. Sad! I thought those would look really pretty! What if you went with the pink that you loved…then at least he wouldn’t think there were gender identity issues, right? 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you pick, but wish you could use those!

  8. I am pretty sure that Amerock has a similar “T” handle that would match your pulls for a less price per piece than Top Knobs. Or check IKEA as I think they also sell similar bar pull options.

    1. Hey Monique, Thanks so much for the tips. Gabbi also commented with a link for the T handles for $1.30 each! Awesome! You guys totally rock!

      Happy Friday!

  9. Oh man! Leave it to the guy to not be able to see the beauty in the pretty knobs. B would be the same way… they just don’t get it! Shucks.

    LOVE your new counters. I have counter envy. And missing wall envy. 🙂

    xoxo my friend!

  10. Check out ebay. I’ve ordered a lot of our hardware there from several different sellers — always had good luck. It is also a great place to find faucets 🙂

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