Belly Up to the Bar

With our bar top in place, we’re on the hunt for good-looking, durable, affordable stools.  The list doesn’t stop there.  We also want 30 inch stools with swivel, backless seats under 100 bucks each.  Of course I started my search where I tend to find a lot of affordable items, Ikea.  I saw these adjustable height swivel stools for only $40 each.

I don’t care for the black finish, but that could be changed easily enough with spray paint.  We do have a bigger issue though.  While Ikea is known for their can’t-be-beat furniture prices, they’re also known to be cheap.  And our closest Ikea is twelve hours away, so we can’t test them before buying.

So I switched gears and searched local stores.  In my opinion, World Market has quality furniture at reasonable prices.  Our 32 dollar dining chairs have held up wonderfully, looking just as great today as they did over a year ago.  For some reason, I’ve been drawn to more industrial furniture lately, so these Cargo Stacking Stools caught my eye.

Did you notice the problem though?  Yeah, no swivel feature.  And their lightweight design worries me.  I just imagine two little boys falling off and bumping their heads.  Gotta find something else.

Ben likes the saddle style stools.  I’m not the biggest fan, but they’d do the job.  World Market has an online only Schoolhouse Bar Stool for $69.99.

Yet again, I don’t care for the black finish and the stationary seat.  And we’d have to pay 30 smackeroos just to get them to our door.  I seriously hate paying for shipping on furniture.  {If you like the saddle style, here’s a set of two for only $94.99.}

Then, we found the perfect stools.  Twist Swivel stools for $109.99 each.

Let’s start with the good news.  Until Thanksgiving, World Market is offering a 25% discount on all furniture, which makes each stool $82.50.  Definitely not the cheapest stool available, but they’re pretty, I’ve seen them in person, the stools come fully assembled, and the tops are an adjustable height.  Oh, and the online reviews are fantastic.  Twenty-nine rave reviews in fact.

Now for the bad news.  Yesterday, the boys and I took a trip to World Market specifically to buy three stools.  Wanna guess what they told me?  They’re sold out.  And they won’t offer a rain check on the discount.  Boo.  I tried ordering online, but shipping is forty dollars, for a total of $287.42.  Double Boo.  To top it off, the new shipment of stools will arrive around December first.  If only World Market shipped to their stores free.  These beauties would be on their way to my home.

So, I thought I’d check Overstock because shipping is usually super cheap.  I found stools similar in style to the Twist stools.  Though these stools cost about 10 bucks more a piece, Overstock is offering free shipping for a total of $275.97.  Too bad a few reviews mentioned the stools can be wobbly when adjusted to a taller height.

Then I found another adjustable height stool for only $49.99 each.  I love the price, sadly the adjustment height is only up to 24 inches.

Now I’m wondering if World Market will offer a similar discount or coupon in the near future.  Or, should I cater to my impatient side and buy something that I like the look and price, of on Overstock?  I really like the simplicity of these stools.  And at $40 per stool {$159.98 for four stools, coming in at $127.44 cheaper than the WM Twist stools}, I could let the lack of swivel top slide.

The sixteen reviews are great, too.  A few small dings, but that’s bound to happen.  Ahh, decisions!

Here’s what I ask of you, friends.  If you’re aware of any World Market furniture coupons or discounts after December 1 (when they’ll get the shipment of Twist stools), please let us know.   I’m worried we won’t find a similar discount, which means we won’t justify buying the World Market stools.  You can also help by sharing your opinions and/or experience with the Tabouret style stools.

Are you patient enough to wait for your first choice?  Or are you like I am, needing to get your hot little hands on something right away?

42 thoughts on “Belly Up to the Bar

  1. If you sign up on their website they will email you all the sales and coupons. If I happen to get one after the 1st I will let you know.

  2. i really like those world market stools – major bummer they were sold out and wouldn’t give you a rain check! i’m so impatient when it comes to this sort of thing too!

    i DO like the last overstock ones that you pictured though – and i wouldn’t be too concerned that they don’t swivel. because they are backless, you can just swivel your own butt and, voila, you’re swiveled! 🙂 (not to mention they are so cheap and could probably go just about anywhere else if you ever decided to switch them out!)

    1. Hey Angel, I am a member of their site to get the coupons, but I have them sent to an address I don’t check often because most often I get junk mail. Haha. If you see something that is good around the 1st, please give me a heads up. 🙂

      Hi Lizzy, Major bummer indeed. I really like the last overstock ones, too, but Ben doesn’t. When did men start caring about furniture?! Ha.

      Thanks, ladies!

  3. I really like the idea — i love a bar stool that swivels is so much more fun. But boy, how annoying that you know exactly what you want, but they won’t help you out!

    Because I can’t help myself, I looked up some options myself! I did find these:|72027&sa=1

    these are on SALE for $69.99 each!!!

    these are $99 each with free shipping.

    Good luck in your search! =)

    1. Hey Andrea, Totally annoying, right?!? Love the JC Penney stools! Thanks so much for sharing the links! 🙂

      Hi Chris! Thanks for the links! How do you like the stools you have?


  4. I love the World Market stools! I feel like World Market runs sales a lot, it’s usually 25% off dining, then 25% off seating, then $10 off $30, etc. It just may be a little while before the next sale rolls around, unfortunately. If you can be patient I’m sure you can find something good, especially with holiday sales coming up!

    1. Hey Julie, That’s kind of what I’m thinking. Hopefully holiday sales will come through and we’ll get the stools we love. Fingers crossed!

  5. I used when we needed to get our bar stools. For 2, I paid the price of what most places wanted for just 1 stool. It is worth taking a look. They also have pretty reasonable shipping prices (considering stools really are not the lightest things ever). Good luck!!

  6. Have you looked a We bought ours there and they arrived within 4 days, fully assembled and in perfect shape. They are running some sale stuff right now with black Friday coming up.

    1. Hi Catherine, I’ll have to check out Thanks for the tip!

      Hey Gabbi, Our store should get a shipment on or around December 1st, so we’ll see. I just hope they’ll have a similar (or better!) sale. We’ll let you know what we buy!


  7. I, like you, seriously lack in the patience department! I really like the World Market stools, but if it’s going to be a while, I’d keep my options open. Good luck finding the perfect seating! 🙂

  8. I should mention, I’ve wanted the same dining table from West Elm since we bought our house…in February. I knew West Elm runs cyclical sales, so I waited until they were having a 15% off dining table in September to order it. Now it’s been back ordered for almost 2 months, and I finally was able to find one in store and cancel my back order, and the store honored the online sales price. So I feel your pain with waiting around for the right sale!

  9. Hey Amanda, maybe one of your trusted blog followers is willing to make a quick (10 min) drive to Ikea and test out the barstools for ya?

  10. I am usually the impatient kind too! I like to have it NOW! Although, apparently patience is a virtue. So I’m working on that!
    All the best with findind the ‘right’ stool. Buying better quality is something that a person usually doesn’t regret!

    1. Hey Sarah W, I receive WM coupons, including a free shipping code, but they don’t let you ‘stack’ coupons so I have to choose either 25% off the stools or free shipping. And for some reason they don’t ship to their stores.

      Hi Chris, Thanks for the info! I think you’re right. The swivel function isn’t completely necessary with backless stools and that’s probably better for kids.


  11. World Market frequently has sales of 25% off or more on certain sections of the store, you just have to be patient for the right time. They also have 10% off coupons that come in the mail occasionally, if you’re signed up for their mailing list (the same one that’s given you the $10 off $30 or more coupons). So that wouldn’t save you as much, but it’s still something. My bet would be that they offer the same deal on furniture again soon… but you may not have stools for your bar for awhile!

  12. we bought 4 parsons style counter stools from Overstock. Not what you’re looking for, but i wanted to vouch for their shipping…we paid ONE DOLLAR to have them shipped to us. Four heavy counter stools. Not to mention we spent on 2 what we thought we’d be forced to spend on one. It’s worth digging around on the site!

  13. Get what you love…even if you have to wait a bit for it:). World Market frequently does 25% off furniture (at least 4 times/year I’d say). Also check for discounted gift card deals on sites like

    Good luck! Personally, I love the World Market stool and would have one in my home if it’s lowered a bit more to fit my desk station. Thanks for researching other options!

  14. I have found with my kids that the majority of spills happen climbing onto and off of the stools. If you have the chance, have your older son try climbing onto and off of the stools by himself to check out the stability. I know I am suggesting taking young kids shopping–sorry:)

    1. Hey Laura Britton, I’m definitely keeping the sales (especially holiday sales) in mind. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

      Hi Tempest, Overstock totally rocks because of their prices. If I could find something a little more similar to the WM swivel ones, I’d be sold.

      Hi Beth! I think we’ll wait, just because we want something we both like. Good suggestion on the gift cards, too.

      Hey Becky, That’s a great suggestion. And, I’m completely used to shopping with kids. They’re usually with me because I get my shopping done in the mornings before afternoon naps. I’ll let you all know where we end up.


  15. I’ve been given a raincheck before at our World Market in Virginia. I love that place and I love those stools. You should ask again, I think. That doesn’t seem right that they’d lose a customer when it’s not your fault the stools aren’t in stock! good luck : )

  16. So, back to your Ikea idea… I bought 12 chairs from them almost 2 years ago to put around the dining table I built and they have held up well. We did learn we needed to retighten them about 6 months after first putting them together but ever since they have stayed very sturdy. Plus for what I would have paid for the same thing somewhere else I got 12 for the price of 4. I even occasionally use one as a step stool. Yes, cheap/inexpensive and sometimes they can be “CHEAP” but oh so nice looking and affordable.

  17. I noticed that WM cycles sales as well. I was looking for curtains and it was curtains one day, rugs the next week, etc. I also was searching on the site and a “chat” popped up for 10% off. I accidentally closed the screen but I was kicking myself! I don’t know how it pops up but it might be worth it to search around. There are no WM in the Northeast and I can’t stomach the high shipping on stuff I won’t see.

    I also happen to be a huge Ikea fan but it is 5 minutes from my house. 12 hours probably isn’t worth it unless you need a couch or a major kitchen cabinet purchase. I find that their stuff is pretty quality as long as you don’t buy a lot of MDF and assemble it correctly. Their chairs are usually safe because they can’t use a lot of laminate wood but those might be laminate, in which case, the finish always peels off and looks junky.

  18. For what it is worth as a mom of four kids, get a non-swivel option until they are much older unless you want to test your sanity on a daily basis.

  19. I really love those last stools. I’ve been eyeing them for awhile (because of their spendy cousins I saw in a french bistro in town). As for the swivel top; you’ll be so glad you didn’t get them because two little boys would fly off of those a whole lot easier than something that may tip because of a lightweight design…don’t ask how I know…just ask my 6 and 3 year old monsters 🙂

    1. Hey Michelle, I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t give me a rain check. We’ll just see what happens.

      Hi My Vegas Life, I don’t think everything at Ikea is super cheap as far as quality, but I definitely want to give them a try before I buy anything. I’m glad to hear your chairs have held up well!

      Hey Nora, I think most stores have cyclical sales, WM included. I hope something similar (or better) will roll around soon. 🙂 I’ve heard their chairs and sofas are actually great. But the stools are probably laminate, and that concerns me. If anyone is going to Ikea soon and sees the stools, we’d love to hear what you think of them.

      Hi Karyl, Ha, I’m sure the kids LOVE the swivel option. It’s not necessarily a must have, but we happen to like the swivel ones best.

      Hi SallyHP, I love them too, but Ben doesn’t. Seriously, it’s odd that a man doesn’t like the more industrial stuff. We’ll just have to see what we can find.


  20. I have two of the Tabouret stools in red, 24″ (there’re pics in my last post, if curious). I’m liking them (and they stack!), though certain slightly older people (i.e. my father) find it a bit painful to sit in them for too long without moving; I just make him get his own chocolate milk from the fridge. I find them to be pretty stable (I tend to sit pretzel legged). They arrived in perfect condition and have also functioned admirably as side tables.

    The only thing I’d also note is price; I got my set of two in Feb of this year for under $60 w/ shipping (no coupon). I haven’t ever purchased anything else off Overstock, so I’m not sure if they also cycle through prices or if I just got lucky.

  21. Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know that if you find yourself reconsidering the Ikea stools that
    they are great. The quality us not the cheapy
    Ikea quality. (it’s almost like they have 2 levels of quality there and these stools are
    in the upper echelon of quality).
    We have had them for about 2 years
    and have 2 kids who climb all over them.
    They are very easy to wipe clean.
    Just wanted to help your stool search…

  22. World Market is doing 20% off plus free shipping Monday only. I added the stools to my cart just to see, and it looks like they’ll take off $29.95 of the $39.95 shipping – the other $10 must be a surcharge or something.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Julie and Holly! I checked it and my order did the same thing as Julie’s. I’ll check again!


    1. Hi Jesse,

      I’ve never used EBates, but I just signed up. I don’t exactly understand how you get 8% back though. Do you get a credit at WM or EBates? I did use the free shipping code, though!


  23. You get a check in the mail. In the past 2 years I have gotten over $150 cash back! Just make sure you give them your home address so they can mail it to you. I think they mail checks either monthly or quarterly. They give cash back at tons of great sites like Kohls, Sephora, even walmart! Glad you used their code. It deducted all shipping charges when I put those stools into my cart! 🙂

  24. Just thought I’d drop in and let you know the world market stools you are pining over- I just got mine delivered last week (and somehow managed to get world market to waive the shipping fees due to some confusion). Let me tell you, they are worth the wait! I went to 12 different stool stores and these were the best price and the best looking. My husband and I love them- eat 2 meals a day on them. Good luck!!

    1. Hi amillionprojectsess! I was worried you were going to say they were terrible, but I’m so glad you love them! The reason we went with these is because they look great, the size is right, and they seemed to be of high quality. I can’t wait to get ours. 🙂


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