Handmade Hostess…

Cupcakes?  Twinkies?  Donetts?  No, that can’t be right.  Gifts, that’s the word I was looking for!  Chances are, you’ll attend one or more parties between now and 2012, so we’ve got a few hostess gift ideas that are quick, cheap, and easy.  Just the way I like ’em.  (That’s what he said).

First up, flour sack towels. I bought a set of four towels for $3.99 at Target. Then, hit up a craft store for fabric paints, either in a tube or a pen, and perhaps a stencil.

The key is to choose a design that looks good filled in.  Choose something simple to start.  I started a random chevron pattern along the bottom edge.  Work with a piece of cardboard beneath to protect your work surface.  Paint your design, let it dry, and then iron it for packaging.  You can see I didn’t follow those last two steps.

Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning.  (No, I’m not encouraging you to copy these items.  Just giving you some inspiration.)

Chevron Tea Towel from Erin Dollar:

Super Squirrel Towel by Fuzzy Mug:

Feather napkins from Tangerine Home:

Retro Trees Towel by Red Wren Designs:

Whisk towel from Pony and Poppy:

Oklahoma towel by Weather and Noise:

Or, you could sew a pretty fabric or trim along the edges or just the ends.

scented lotion in a decorative jar, soap pump…

For a wine lover, make a pretty no sew wind bottle cover.

Or, chalkboard painted wine glasses:

Fill painted mugs with a few packets of hot chocolate and maybe a few marshmallows:

If your hostess loves to bake, how about an oven mitt filled with baking goodies?

For a young family, try an ice cream sundae kit.

11 thoughts on “Handmade Hostess…

  1. i love the tea towl idea… this year i made candles and those jar snow globes, but i think i am going to do that next year- but maybe start in the summer instead of november. 😉
    by the way- loved the animals yesterday- emmy’s 5th bday is in january and we are doing winter woodland theme so i am thinking of making those as favors.

  2. I love the ice cream kit! How fun. I also like the dipped wine glasses in chalkboard paint. I am thinking of making a big batch up and stashing them in my gift closet for those last minute gifts.

  3. I LOVE these ideas! Any ideas for homemade teacher gifts? (I know a lot of the ideas above could also be used for teachers, but…I’m creatively and artistically challenged!)

    1. Hi Catie, Thanks!! Sadly, our boys aren’t in school yet, so I didn’t even think about teacher’s gifts. Sorry. Maybe check Pinterest?

      Hey Kristen! Thanks! Hand made gifts really are better. 😉

      Hi Nessa, That’s a good question, but I don’t know the answer because I’ve never made them. I bet you could wash the glass part by hand and carefully wash the painted parts.


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