Sharing the Goods

We took the day off yesterday to recover from Christmas.  And we were stuck in a car for 12+ hours without internet access.  Hope you all had a happy holiday filled with family, friends, food, and fun!

Today, we’re sharing some goods.  Both the ‘Will and Home goods.  Get it?  Both stores have ‘Good’ titles.  Ha, so punny this morning.  Anyway, last Tuesday, my buddy Jen and I invited readers to meet us at the Roseville Goodwill during our Minnesota vacation.  Several sweet gals showed up to share a night of shopping with us.

We had a blast chatting and everyone bought something.  So, I thought I’d share my Goodwill finds with you.  First, I spied these melamine plates, originally from Target, for one buck each.  Immediately, I snagged six to use for the boys.

Does anyone else feel that most kid items are ugly?  We have plastic plates and bowls already, but we’ll have glass doors, so I want something that looks pretty when displayed in our new kitchen.

Right across the aisle, I spotted small pink juice glasses for only 49 cents each.  I debated getting these because I saw only seven glasses.  Then I noticed the eighth glass on a lower shelf and popped them in my cart.

Thrift stores are a great place to find dishes.  Always a variety in fun colors.

When Jen offered up a Goodwill challenge, I had to find something to make over, so I found a thick hard cover book, but it didn’t have a price tag.

Turns out, that worked well for me because I got the book for only 15 cents!  I have plans for the book, I just hope it works!

Because we had so much fun at Goodwill, we invited everyone to cross the street to stop at HomeGoods with us.  After wandering around the store, I found myself in the bath section where I scored something for the kitchen.  Remember when I looked for different knobs for the upper cabinets?  Hobby Lobby had tons of decorative options, but nothing both Ben and I loved.  I found bubbly pink knobs, but wanted a different color.  Sadly, this style was available only in pink.

Even though HoLo had 50% off hardware, the pink knobs would cost $4.50 each.  Which is why I was thrilled to find a set of four clear bubble knobs for $9.99.

We’ll have six upper cabinet doors, so I bought two packs and we’ll have two extra knobs if one breaks.  Or I can use the knobs on night stands or something.

And, unlike the teal knobs I liked, these have satin nickel bases to match our drawer hardware.

I love the subtle look of the bubbles and the difference between the lower and upper sets.

But that’s not all that HomeGoods had to offer.  We’ve been spending many of our nights curled up on the couch in the theater room and every night we clean up before going upstairs to go to bed.  The nightly process includes cleaning up the toys the boys played with, changing diapers, corralling any dishes, folding up blankets to put away in the entertainment center, and usually carting a sleeping child or two upstairs.  Some things won’t change, but I thought a simple wire basket could drop blanket folding.

For a 10 basket, it’s quite handy.  Two favorite blankets tuck inside nicely and are accessible.

We got a few home related Christmas gifts, too.  Jen gave me a beautiful West Elm tree ring pillow cover.

My sister Ashley also gave me a few pillows.  One with a silky scalloped design and two with a velvet floral pattern.

More teal in the theater room wakes up the windowless space.


As a Christmas gift to myself, I have finally entered the tech savvy world.  That’s right, I got an iPhone.  I’m so excited I’ll be able to upload photos easily, even when I’m not at home!

11 thoughts on “Sharing the Goods

  1. great finds!
    so funny about the homegoods wire basket – i got the same exact one to hold gifts for a gift swap we had at work. i put a throw blanket (also from HG), some gourmet popcorn, candy, and a netflix gift card into the basket.
    i wish i bought a basket for myself because when i realized how much i liked it and went back to grab one two days later, they were gone!

    1. Hey Lizzy! I love themed gifts like the one you described. It makes sense of several smaller items. Too bad you couldn’t find another. 😦

      Hi Jen! I LOVE the knobs in the kitchen! If only I had actual doors to attach them to right away. Haha. Ben didn’t seem to mind at all. I didn’t think he would ever admit he likes something as girly as the knobs, but he didn’t want me to return them either, so we’re all good. 🙂

  2. You found some great things at The Will!! I was just there for the half price sale yesterday and found a few good things!

    The pillows you got are beautiful!! The tree ring pillow is amazing!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your book!

  3. Love the pics you shared from your shopping trip! Great idea to invite friends and suggest a shopping challenge! Love those knobs, and the idea of doing something different for the top cabs. Such an inspiring post…:)

    1. Hi BL!

      The pillows are from Home Goods. I’ve seen similar ones at TJ Maxx, too.

      Hope that helps!

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