2011: Blast from the Past

2011 is nearly over, so we’ve put together a year in review post filled with favorite posts and highlights from the year.  First, here are the favorite posts of 2011, in order of views.

1.  Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror:

2.  Coffee Filter Pendant:

3.  Painted Chevron Rug:

4.  Thread House Numbers:

5.  Painted Ceramic Mugs:

6.  Bird, Tree and Feather Gallery Wall:

7.  His and Hers State Art:

8.  Herringbone Pillow:

9.  A Finished Office:

10.  Wood Kitchen Counters:

11.  Paper Bird Mobile:

12.  Wood Moooi Pendant:

And now, month by month highlights of 2011.

January: A cheap and easy perpetual calendar.

February: We started (but still haven’t finished) our laundry room:

March: An interactive map art for the boys’ bedroom:

April: Revamped a thrift store lamp:

May: We celebrated one full year of blogging and shared our kitchen plans.  Surprisingly, not much has changed.

June: Refinished an outdoor bench:

July: Went shopping and helped my blog bff Jen with a curtain project:

August: Made plaster casts of our boys’ feet as part of our gallery wall:

September: Ordered our custom-made sink which spurred the whole kitchen remodel:

October: Officially started our kitchen remodel.  By the end of the month, we had ripped everything out and installed cabinets:

November:  Tackled much of the kitchen, getting our upper cabinets in place:

December: Met up again with Jen, but we invited you, too:

Thanks so much for sharing 2011 with us.  We’ve had so much fun and we’re hoping for great things in 2012.  We’ll see you next year!

4 thoughts on “2011: Blast from the Past

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. You’re a very talented couple and you continue to amaze me with your creative projects. Happy New Year to your family!

    1. Hi Melissamevans! Definitely a great year for us! So far, the perpetual calendar has been great and easy to keep up with. it’s really cool to see what we did last year now that we’ve come full circle.

      Hey Monique! Thank you so much for reading and for leaving such kind and encouraging comments!! Hope the New Year is treating you well!

      Hi Ashley! That art has made such a difference in the feel of our bedroom. It’s much more personal and modernizes the traditional aspects.


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