December Acronym

December has passed and now we’re in 2012.  It seems crazy to type that.  I just got used to typing 2011, now I have to change.  Anyway, here’s a look back on our December.

Deck the halls: With a variety of Christmas ornaments, some clay, some cardboard, others glass and paint, but all with a nature theme.

Etsy gift guides:  Sharing our favorite Etsy finds for adults, kids, and the home.

Challenged you:  While at Goodwill for our first IHeart a Humble blogger meet up, Jen and I posed a thrift store challenge, inviting our readers to take part.

Every drawer front:  Is now in place.

Made out like bandits: with our smokin’ 28% off plus free shipping deal on bar stools.

Built: Filled, sanded, primed, and painted 20 drawer fronts.

Even made a tutorial: on how to paint detailed surfaces.

R-value:  Upped ours by 40 points with cellulose insulation.

Throw a few holidays and road trips in there and we’ve had a full December.

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