Cap and Crown

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent most of our weekend relaxing, but we did slide a little kitchen work in there.  Ben installed the crown moulding in the kitchen on Saturday.  We didn’t want to pull the good crown from the dining room, so Ben cut a small piece to fill the gap between the old crown and the new cabinet.  Then he wrapped around to cover the cabinet:

Remember the gap above the marble back splash?  Before Ben could put crown up, he nailed a filler strip in place.

Then tacked the trim to the filler strip, keeping it flush with the ceiling while covering the gap and a little more of the marble tile.

See how nice that finishes the tile off and makes everything seamless?  Love it!  (And, that’s a peek at the grouted back splash).

To match the other cabinet, we wrapped the trim around the upper cabinets.

For some reason, the small back entrance and stairwell never got crown moulding.

Problem solved.  After a few coats of the same blue paint from the stairs and dining room, everything will flow together.

One of the reasons we chose the vent hood we have is because we wanted the rest of the kitchen to shine.  To make the fan as un-noticeable as possible, we agreed (after some debating) to carry the same trim around the vent hood.

I considered adding different trim and painting the box white, something kind of like this.

But Ben persisted that this was the best way to go.  I have to say, I agree.  White paint on the trim and blue in the middle will give this side a splash of color, too.

Now we need to caulk the cracks and joints, sand everything smooth and slap some primer/paint combo and we’re done.  With the trim.

What kind of vent hood do you have (or like)?  Sleek stainless?  Painted white?

P.S.  I used my new camera to take these pictures.  On my desktop, the pictures look fine, but on my laptop, a strange gradation/solarized thing happens.  Is anyone else seeing this?

P.P.S.  A few more readers took the survey (thank you!!) and I got a few requests to share some Photoshop action.  Consider a post in the works!  Oh, and to the surveyor(?) looking for bookshelf decorating, check out this post, or this one, this one, and this one.

20 thoughts on “Cap and Crown

  1. Are you saving them at a lower image quality? Or is it just viewing on your laptop? I don’t see any gradation. And I love the vent hood!! Very sleek! We don’t have a vent hood because we’re microwave addicts and we put a microwave over our oven to vent. We bake and grill more than use the stove top and I love the microwave light for illuminating my cooktop when I do use it. When we moved in, there was a vent hood but it was only venting up in the kitchen (as opposed to out of the house) so we don’t miss it.

  2. That kitchen looks so good. i have been flowing your progress and it is really coming along. I love the big drawers, high, tall cabinets and white, white white (oh and the marble, love marble). Your kitchen is actually a lot like my dream kitchen. I have a tiled hood right now, but want a large stainless one instead.

    1. Hey Courtney! The blue definitely makes the white crown pop even more. Love it!

      Hi Nora, Nope, not saving them at a lower quality. I’m loading them and saving them on the same computer, but when I view them on my laptop, they look terrible. I’m glad you don’t see it. 🙂

      Hey Kim! Crown can be highly irritating. Ben didn’t like working with it for our window covers either. If all else fails, find some pretty casement and use that as crown. 😉

      Hi Allie, Thanks so much! I checked out your blog. Looks great and I can’t wait to see more. 🙂 I tried to post a comment but I don’t know if it went through…

      Hey Chance, Aww, thanks! It’s crazy that our styles are so similar. 🙂

      Hi Julia! Crown definitely adds a little pizzazz.

      Hey Pine Tree Home! Glad the pictures look good on your end! And, I’m right there with you. Crown moulding just makes the right statement. Haha.

      Hi Ashley, Thanks, lady! The crown moulding does make everything look more finished. Love it!


  3. The kitchen is looking really amazing! I love the crown and the blue is really beautiful! If I can make a suggestion (I know its probably too late but its just a thought) I see the beautiful wainscotting detail in the dining room and back foyer and the vertical wood stop you placed where the stairwell knee wall is…it would look great to add a similar application of wood to the walls on either side of the stove and bartop. Paint it white like your trim on all four sides and only apply the wall color to the header. It would make them look more like columns and tie in nicely with the wainscotting.

  4. I love the crown molding around the room and especially on the hood. Since you did not want the hood to be the focus it ties in nicely, but still fancies it up a bit. I did not see any photo issues on my end.

  5. Your kitchen is coming together beautifully! The pictures are looking better already. I too can have issues when I’m working with my product images on my laptop. I feel like maybe it’s the angle of the screen or something, because they look fine online.
    I agree with Hilary about white-balancing the nighttime shots. Oftentimes I’ll just go to Av Mode on my T2i and adjust the white balance through each setting one by one, taking a picture at each setting (from the same spot of course), then I can choose the one that is most accurate before editing in Photoshop.
    Can’t wait to see the beautiful blue walls in the kitchen to really make that trim POP!

  6. Hi there. Love the crown. I’m a new subbie to your blog and I have a non crown molding related question for you. We currently have a microwave over the gas range set up in our kitchen and we really want to replace the microwave with a vent hood. Is this something that’s fairly simple to do for a newer DIYer? Our ductwork is currently vented out of an exterior wall as opposed to through the attic. I’m not sure if that helps or not. Thanks so much for your time and I love your blog…

    1. Hi Shavonda,

      Depending on your skill set, it can be a very easy job. You can install a vent hood that vents through the same duct work as the microwave. Obviously, turn the power off when installing and uninstalling. I’m hesitant to give details because each vent hood and situation is different. Maybe ask people that can see what you’re working with… Hope that helps!

      Good luck!!

  7. Hi! Your kitchen is beautiful, I love everything you’ve done. I have a question about your vent hood. We have almost the exact same setup in our kitchen (even the same range!) where we took out a wall, and needed to put a header in it’s place. We want a hood too without obstructing our open view. How well does your new hood work that far away from your range? Does the hood give any sort of indication how far away it can be from the cooktop? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Tracy! Thanks so much for your kind words! So far, we love the vent hood. It’s a 1200 CFM fan (so it’s pretty massive) so it pulls a lot of air even though it’s about three feet away from the cook top. No specifications on how far the fan can be, but Ben researches everything. Here’s the exact fan we ordered: And they have a 10% off sale now through Friday. Use the code SAVE10. 🙂

      The size of the hood is perfect too because it tucks right up to the ceiling and doesn’t drop down any further than our 15 inch header.

      Hope that helps, but holler if you still have questions!

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