Paint it Up, Paint it In

Let me begin.  I came to win.  Battle me that’s a sin.  I won’t tear the sack up.  Punk you’d better back up.

That’s right, I got some painting done in a few painting sessions last week and over the weekend.  I thought of House of Pain the entire time, especially when I told E he’d better back up.  He has a tendency to lean against the cabinets (or climb in them), getting wet paint on his hands.  That’s what we get for having an open floor plan.

Anyway, back to the painting.  The bar cabinets in the living got a coat of Behr’s Vermont Cream Two in One paint, the same paint we used for the upper cabinets in the kitchen.

True to my nature, I was in a hurry to get the cabinets painted and did a few things backwards.  Like painting before I had filled and sanded the screws in the sheet rock.  It wasn’t a big deal though, I just got a head start on the cabinet painting.

I decided on white because it matches the entertainment center cabinets and the white below the chair rail in the rest of the living room.  (And your votes pointed to white)  For better flow, we agreed to paint the wall part white to mimic the chair rail.  The real truth?  I’m the one painting and I was lazy and didn’t wait to dig out the gray paint and tape off the cabinets.  So everything got a nice coat of white.

If you’re wondering what the boys do during my painting sessions, see exhibit a:

While I’m talking to them, they play in the living room, make a giant mess.  The kitchen doesn’t get as much action, but you can see I’ve neglected put off cleaning until cabinet painting has come to a close.

After one coat of paint on the cabinets, I broke down and filled the screw holes.  I let everything dry, sanded smooth, filled any holes again.  Let it dry, sanded smooth, vacuumed up the dust and painted another coat of white paint on the cabinets and wall.  Then again.  And yet again.

I was so excited to pull up the tape.  And that’s where I got a little annoyed.  I used Frog Tape along the edges, which did limit paint seepage.  But the Behr paint is so thick and dried quickly (which can be good) which made it impossible to pull the tape up while the paint was wet.  So little chunks of paint peeled off the cabinet right along with the tape.  I guess I’ll have to remember that and peel the tape off one small section at a time.

Enough of my whining though.  Did you notice Ben installed the shelves in the cabinets?  And do you see how nicely the bar stools pop against the white wall?

But that’s not all the painting I finished.  No siree.  I painted the half wall and the white chair rail walls around the back door.

No more Frankenwall.

It’s nice to see that wall a solid color again.  No more nicks, nail holes, or mismatched trim.  Plenty more trim painting to do, but I’m waiting until Ben sands and paints the ceiling.  Then I’ll have the pleasure of painting what feels like miles of crown moulding and casement.  Sometimes painting in phases is annoying; cleaning up each time can get old, but it also has benefits.  By limiting myself to small areas, I can get painting done quickly (often during nap time) and I don’t have to keep the boys away from the entire house.

Do you like to get all your painting done in one go?  Or do you work in small sections like I do?  Did you do any painting this weekend?  Install any shelves?  Maybe you sat on the couch and watched the football games?  Cough Ben cough.  Okay, he didn’t watch the entire game, he did install the shelves and started sanding the ceiling and walls.

10 thoughts on “Paint it Up, Paint it In

  1. Jump up to get doooowwwwn! Song totally in my head now.
    Kids and nicks go hand in hand. I just had an idea. Do they make rubber kick boards for underneath bars or counters that the protect from nicks? I will have to look into it. My son loves to kick stuff.

  2. Everything is coming together so beautifully. I love the bar stools and how you’ve integrated the open shelving. It inspires me so much to see other bloggers accomplishing so much, even in small spurts. It makes me feel so much better about doing things a little at a time. Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Everything is coming along beautifully! I really like the cabinets (from the view with the stools)! Are you putting doors on them? I kind of like how they look now but if you’re adding doors, glass would look great! In my opinion, it’ll keep everything open.

    1. Hey Tiffany, Glad I could get it stuck in your head too. Haha. I now there are rubber base boards (though they’re not pretty and often used in industrial settings). Boys definitely equal destruction.

      Hi Shavonda! Small spurts are the easier way to go. Tackling something one small step at a time seems much less daunting than doing the entire project in one go.

      Hi Jessie, Aww, thanks! The stools are awesome, if I do say so myself. 🙂

      Hey Kristen! Thanks, lady! Yep, we’ve still got to build the doors, but eventually we’ll have something on there. Glass would be cool if we weren’t going to keep ugly junk there (and if we didn’t have kids and the worry of the glass shattering). We’ve got plans for a few glass cabinet doors though, so stay tuned. 🙂


  4. I love it. Love the white! We had our cabinets painted white a few years back and I still love them so much. I like how you painted the inside shelves of the cabinets too, I may have to try that!! Is your son’s name Everett? That is my husband’s name! You just don’t hear that very often and I really like it. It’s our son’s middle name, he is Gavin Everett. 🙂

    1. Hey Jackie! White is just so classic it’s hard to go wrong. I’m glad you like your painted cabinets. If you want to do a little updating, painting the insides a fun color is quick and makes a difference.

      Yep, we have a Vincent and an Everett. It’s funny because neither Ben or I have met an Everett, but there are a few bloggers with sons named Everett. I love that your son’s name. 🙂 We have an attraction to v’s.


    1. Hey Ashley! Um, so far, the boys don’t use the stools too much. I’m the one using them most often. I don’t know that there’s any way we’ll really be able to protect the wall from the boys other than investing in good quality paint (I used Glidden for the wall). I’m sure repainting it down the road will happen, but the other walls in the house aren’t too bad…yet.

      Hi Ashley @DBL! Thanks, lady! I love the stools and they stand out even more with the white paint. What’s not to love?!? Haha.


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