Green = Green: Valentine Flowers

Ahh Valentine’s day.  The day to buy and send flowers to a loved one.  Rather than cut flowers, why not send (or buy for yourself like I did) a potted plant?  Let me explain.  I’m not talking about a potted fern.  No, no, no.  Flowers are still better.  And, you’ll probably save some money in the process.

Take this mini rose bush I bought at the grocery store for five bucks.  It’s cute, and at least $20 cheaper than cut roses.

It will most likely live longer than cut flowers, too.  Even under my care, it should last longer.

But you know what I really liked about this little plant?  Come spring, I can dig a hole in our rose bed and pop it in to enjoy for years to come.

Thus adding more green to our environment and saving some dough.  And that makes for a very happy Valentine’s day.

You know what else makes Valentine’s day better?  Heart-shaped pancakes, hand-made Valentines, and two cute little boys.

What are your Valentine plans?  Going somewhere special?  Making dinner?  Do you exchange Valentine gifts?

7 thoughts on “Green = Green: Valentine Flowers

  1. I love those mini rose bushes 🙂 They are probably one of the few plants I don’t kill within 2 weeks.
    Plans for Valentine’s Day this year will be date night! The first time in 17 months lol I’m pretty excited to get some much needed alone time with the Mr.

  2. I love this idea of buying a potted mini rose bush versus cut flowers. Definitely cool. This year we are breaking out the fondue pots. We are having an oil and chocolate fondue. This year we are going all fancy with chicken nuggets and onion rings. :o) With LOTS of dipping sauces. It’s all about the sauce with my kids. As far as the hubs, he had an old blanket from grams (who passed away). It needed some serious repair. So my mom found an amish lady a few cities over that said she would sew a new backing on it. I am going to give it to him tonight. I have my fingers crossed that he will like it. EEEk, I am nervous!

  3. Amanda, don’t you just love how the colors are popping against the gray and white in your new kitchen. I love the pink of your roses with the marble. Sweet! Also, the green apples look good, too.

    You are going to be able to do so much in there! Change it up as you see fit. So excited for you.

    I also have a mini rose bush growing by front porch that was given to me as a gift 4 years ago. So much better than a bouquet!

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    1. Hi Teresa, That’s good news for me and my plant. Maybe it will live. Haha.

      Hey My Honest Answer! I usually joke that the only things I’m able to keep alive are my kids. And that’s because they’re demanding of food, water, and such. Haha.

      Hi Tiffany, Ooh, that IS fancy. 😉 It’s funny that your kids love sauces. Neither V or E are big fans. Strange kids. I’m sure your hubby will love the blanket! That’s such a thoughtful gift!

      Hey Jay! I do love that! I really love the look of pears and apples in the bowl to add a splash of green. Makes me happy. 🙂 That’s awesome that you’ve got a 4 year old rose bush. I hope mine will live until the spring when I can get it outside. Do you keep yours out over winters?

      Happy Valentine’s day to you, too!

  4. Really love the potted rose bush – I may just have to go out and pick one up this week! We’ve got a rose bush in our backyard already but can you really ever have too many fresh roses around your house?

    As for Valentine’s Day, the soon-to-be mister and I never get very fancy with it. But I will say when we discovered this morning we both got each other the exact same gigantic Reese’s heart, that’s got to be the definition of true love…

  5. Amanda, I am an honest to goodness plant neglecter. If I can keep mine alive, your rose bush should do fine. We have pretty mild winters here, with only the occasional “arctic blast”. Interestingly, the bush is still quite small, but I get blooms every year. It is planted right next to the house on the west facing side.

    Yes, it would be so much easier if plants told you they were hungry or thirsty. 🙂

    Hope that helps.

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