One Percent {P}inspiration: An Art Challenge

We’re in need of kitchen art, so I started checking my pins on Pinterest.  After seeing how many art ideas I pinned, I realized there are so many art pieces I want to make.  I started wondering if I was the only one and realized I couldn’t be.  So I asked fellow bloggers to join me in a Pinterest-inspired art making endeavor.  We’re calling it Preperation H One Percent {P}inspiration.

I’m thrilled to have two exceptional ladies joining me; Ashli from Mini Manor and Sara from Russet Street Reno.

There are so many fun art designs, like this Eat kitchen art from Tart House.

Or maybe take a less cute, more modern approach with an abstract piece, like a Pixel watercolor by Wit and Whistle.

I’m obsessed with this Wild Herringbone painting by Cozamia.

Confetti canvas by Mint Love Social Club could be quick and easy.

Or an abstract canvas painting, like Tanya’s Ikea hack.

Or something like Julia’s giant Ikat inspired painting.

We’re inviting you to join us to make any Pinterest-inspired art, too.  On Wednesday, February 29th (leap day), Ashli, Sara, and I will be back to share our art projects as well as a link party for you to show off your newest creation.  Don’t limit yourselves to a framed picture or painting, though.  Sculptures such as bookends, three-dimensional art (like our nail and thread house numbers), casts (like the boys’ feet) are fair game.

Unique frames, like this are good, too.

Maybe you’ve seen an interesting photo transfer process?  Give it a try!

If you’ve got art filled frames, you could share a Pinterest-inspired arrangement.  Basically, anything art related goes.  You’ve got nine days to make something, so get {P}inspired, start working, and share with us.  So, who’s with us?

17 thoughts on “One Percent {P}inspiration: An Art Challenge

    1. Hey Teresa, Well, this is the reason to get started! 🙂

      Hi Cheryl! Ha, maybe you could call it an artistic family photo?


  1. What great unique artwork! I do like the unique frame too.

    Please forget about “eat” artwork of any kind. It’s been overdone that you can barely click on a design blog without see this. I, for one, am tired of seeing the word “eat” and/or kitchen utensils on the wall.

  2. I have a bunch of blank canvases (literall, they’re blank canvases, not just talking walls here!) to use, and now I have some ideas. I love the Ikat inspired painting… I wonder if mine could turn out that nice!

    1. Hey Julia, Yeah, I’m leaning more toward something abstract and colorful, nothing kitchen specific. We’ll see what we end up with!

      Hi Julie! Good, get ’em done and share with us on Wednesday. 🙂 Thanks for the original link, too!

      Hey Tanya! Thank you for sharing your beautiful painting projects. 🙂 I’d love for you to join the party!

      Hi Ali, Well, do something with those blank canvases and share on Wednesday!


  3. I am artistically challenged, so I won’t be participating, but I’m excited to see what everyone does! I have a dining room wall that is BEGGING for something to adorn it! Can’t wait to see what people come up with!

  4. How funny! I just wrote up a post about a pinterest wall art project I did!! And today I pinned a photo that inspired me to rearrange of some existing pieces I had to make our headboard-less wall look more substantial. I’ll post about that and link up both!

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