Favorite Painting Supplies

I’ve been painting again, this time in the dining room.  Are you ready for the biggest before and after of the year?!?  Here’s the before:


And after:

Such a big difference, right?  Not.  I knew when we started the kitchen we’d carry the color from the dining room through the kitchen.  I also knew we didn’t have enough of the blue paint on hand to cover everything.  So I bought another gallon to paint the kitchen and dining room.  If paint doesn’t come from the same can, there’s a chance the color will be off.  This was the case for the new kitchen paint and the old dining paint.

Before I started with the blue, I repainted the white to give it a nice, fresh coat.  Then I painted the walls.  While painting, I thought, “Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever rounded up our favorite painting supplies.”  Today, I’ve wrangled our favorite painting supplies including

Purdy paint brushes:  A good brush can make all the difference.  I like an angled brush to get in corners and crannies by trim.  Remember to clean the brush well to prolong the life of your brush.

Foam roller covers:  For a smooth, professional looking paint job.  These high density foam roller covers don’t shed and the low nap leaves the surface as smooth as possible.

Frog tape:  I think the old phrase, “The coolest thing since sliced bread” should be updated to “The coolest thing since Frog Tape.”  Yes, it’s more expensive than regular masking or painters tape, but the results speak for themselves.  Little to no bleed through, just crisp lines.

Tweezers:  I don’t know about you, but after almost every paint job, small pieces of tape stay put.  I keep an old tweezer in my painting supplies to easily get those buggers off.

Disposable paint trays or aluminum foil:  Painting is enough of a pain, but clean up is even worse in my book.  I’ve started using aluminum foil to cover my paint tray.  When I’m done painting, just peel and toss.

Glidden paint:  Remember, your time spent painting isn’t worth it if your paint is junk.  In our humble opinions, Glidden is the best value paint.  Easy to apply, durable, and affordable.  Sure, Ben Moore is nice, but it also costs more.

What are your can’t live without paint supplies, tips, or tricks?

Please note:  We were not compensated for this post, we simply love these items and want to share with you.

26 thoughts on “Favorite Painting Supplies

    1. Ha, Stephanie! Great minds think alike. P.S. I was just at Home Depot and they now make brushes for corners and trim. The corner one is triangular shaped and the trim one is a square. Looks interesting… Happy painting!


  1. I’m a Purdy brush girl too. Can’t beat ’em and if you treat them right, they last for years. I prefer the 2.5″ angled sash brush for cutting in. I also like purdy roller covers (with the plastic core…cardboard core covers are junk). I found that if I throw the roller covers into the washing machine on the small load setting with a bit of detergent, they come out completely clean and ready to reuse. YMMV. As for paint, I wasn’t a huge fan of Olympic or Dutch Boy, but I really like Behr and Valspar. I was skeptical as to whether it was worth buying the paint with the primer in it, but after my last project, I’m sold. It took 2 gallons to paint my livingroom/hallway the first time, but with the Behr Premium Plus paint, I still have 1/4 gal left in the first can, with less time and effort and beautiful results!

  2. My favorite painting supply is the angled brush. I usually don’t use tape because it bleeds, but the other day I bought Frog Tape, so on my next painting project I will give it a try.

    1. Hi Kraesmom! I didn’t know you could throw roller covers in the washer! I usually wrap them up in plastic bags to save when I have more painting to do with the same color. And, I agree with you about Olympic paint. Never have been impressed there. Never have used Dutch Boy, but I don’t remember being wowed by Valspar. Glidden is where it’s at, for us at least. 🙂 We used Behr Premium Plus for the upper kitchen cabinets and I love the durability, but it dries quickly, so painting anything with detail is kind of a pain. I do love skipping priming though!

      Hey Esther! I like taping off for a few reasons. Usually when I get a chance to paint, I have to do it as quickly as possible because little ones wake up from naps. Secondly, I like not having to worry about goof ups. Regular tape does bleed and it’s really annoying, but definitely give the Frog Tape a go. Try it and you’ll never go back. Haha.


  3. Love the tin foil idea! Cleaning up after painting is the WORST. We’ve been using those disposeable paint trays but I think I’ll go with your tin foil idea from now on.

    We recently painted the small portion of our kitchen that won’t be covered by cabinets or backsplash. I randomly grabbed a sample of paint during one of our many Lowes runs – and ultimately got a can of Valspar. I’ve always used Glidden or SW and didn’t think I’d notice a difference – wrongo! I hated the Valspar – I felt like it wouldn’t give a smooth, even finish no matter what I tried! Luckily its on a small wall space and I’m not 100% sold on the color so I might swap it out down the line anyways. Hopefully the backsplash this weekend and then the final details like curtains, accessories, etc! (http://anexcellentadventure.blogspot.com/2012/02/new-countertops.html)

  4. Frog Tape is great for striping, or detail work, but I usually free hand trim, or edging.

    I LOVE Purdy. I have no problem paying for a 15 dollar and up brush becuase if cleaned properly, it will last forever!

    I do pay the premium for Benjamin Moore. My local paint shop sells mostly BM, and they do an amazing job color matching anything I’ve brought in. Plus BM has such a great range of colors to start with. I really don’t think you can go wrong with BM, and they seem to be one of the last paint manufacturers to still produce oil. Yes, I still use oil based paint on trim and furniture. I just CANNOT deal with the brush marks you get from latex.

    1. Hey Lizzy, Try the tin foil! It’s fantastic and you’ll never have to deal with cleaning out a paint tray. 🙂

      Hi Emily! I love Ben Moore colors, but I’m too cheap to actually buy the brand of paint. Instead, I take the Ben Moore samples to Home Depot or Wal Mart to get Glidden. 🙂

      Hey Kim! Definitely to it! It save so much time and such little mess. Amazing and life changing. That’s a little dramatic, but you get the point. 🙂

      Hi Emily, Ha, I went to Home Depot to get more Frog tape this morning and I bought that same brush! I was looking at other paint brushes and saw a few interesting ones. Did you know there are triangle shaped brushes for corners and square shaped brushes for trim? Not sure I want to switch brushes that frequently but it seems interesting


  5. Have you tried the paint trays that have a teflon-like finish? You just let the paint dry in there, and then peel it right out- SO COOL!

    I also love the angled paint brush. My mom always said not to skimp on the paint brush!

    We love the Valspar- it covered a bright pink and a bright purple room in one coat when we moved into our house. That sold me…

    Last time I used Behr it was really splotchy- not sure if the batch of paint was old or something, but took 4 coats to look even… that was frustrating.

  6. i LOVE the tin foil idea! i’ve used plastic bags, but they always end up shifting, etc. tin foil sounds like a much better solution.

    i also love the little roller thingies for the ceiling–they work really well. and we have an old cheapo metal can opener for opening cans–works like a charm.

    and one more tip–when hammering the lid of the paint shut after use, we put newspaper on top of the lid so that nothing splatters.

    love your new kitchen!!!

    1. Hi Amy! I haven’t tried the teflon paint trays, but that sounds awesome! Glad you had good luck with Valspar! One coat coverage is definitely a selling point!

      Hey Wilma, Yep, tin foil is amazing. And, the cheapo metal can openers are awesome. Wal Mart has switched their lids to plastic and a screwdriver just can’t open it. I usually have our paint can on an old towel to catch any drips when painting so I use that to cover the can. Great tip!


  7. I love the color in your dining room! I have been contemplating painting ours. The only problem is our living room and dining room are one giant room so I’d have to get something that fits both rooms. Some day that will happen!

    I will also have to try those foam rollers next time we paint. Ours always shed and it’s quite annoying!


  8. Do you paint with large or smaller wall roller? I’ve switched to the smaller ones and can’t go back. The standard wall roller just is bulky for me.

    I too cover my paint tray, but I use Glad wrap, sticky side down.

    1. Hey Jamie H! Thanks! This color is my favorite for decorating. It almost seems like a neutral. 🙂 If you don’t want to go with something as bold, you could always bring in the color through accessories. Curtains would look lovely!

      Hi Pine Tree Home, I use the small roller for smaller sections of wall, like in our dining room. When we paint the living room, we’ll use a normal roller just to make the process quicker. 🙂


  9. We just bought a house, and will be moving April 27th (assuming everything goes well with the inspection, of course.) It’s going to be paint-a-palooza in that place, as the paint colors in the bedrooms are pretty much heinous. I can’t believe we’ve never lined our paint tray with foil. I feel like such a moron… haha. Now we know!

  10. I 15th (??) the tin foil! How on earth have I not thought about that. We go through tray liners like there’s no tomorrow and it is sad to think of all the money we wasted there. Great idea!

    I, like Emily, am a huge Wooster brush fan. The short, flexible handle minimizes the claw effect for me. Am I the only one that gets the worst cramps in my hands when doing trim work??

  11. What an awesome post. I have both Purdy and Zebra brushes and I love them both for different purposes. But, I must say that I CANNOT live without my Zibra triangle brush. I bought it from home depot out of curiosity to compare it to my Purdy brushes. I got the triangle brush and the stubby trim brush. Even though the triangle brush is “intended” for corners, it is hands down THE BEST brush I’ve ever used to cut in with. I literally do not tape anymore at all. I find that the zibra brushes hold paint better too. Also I thought is add that for spray painting I can not live without my trigger. I just discovered it and man is it a life saver. Best $6.97 I’ve ever spent!

    1. Hi Ali N! Oh yeah, you’ll have a paint party for sure. 🙂 Glad you learned something today!

      Hey Julia! Ha, the tin foil lining seems to be a hot topic. It’s nice because we always have tin foil in the house, too. No more running to the hardware store to snag a liner. And, I just bought (and used!) the Wooster small brush. So nice! I always get hand cramps when painting, too. It’s the worst.

      Hi Shavonda, I just saw the Zibra brushes you’re talking about yesterday and wondered if they were better. Glad to hear you love them. 🙂 I might have to pick one up to see what I think. Good call on the spray paint trigger, too.


  12. I love your drum pendant light! Any details on where you got that from? I am looking for something just like it, but one that has 3 bulbs to maxmize the light in our bedroom (TERRIBLE lighting)… we just got a dimmer switch so hoping to find something SUPER bright for getting dressed! It’s amazing how hard it is to find a drum pendant with a diffuser + 3 bulbs.

    We just put away the paint + brushes after painting all weekend and I ruined my good brush by letting it sit too long in paint 😦 Just bought some new Purdy ones so hopefully I can take better care!

  13. We’ve been doing loads of painting since we moved two years ago. I’m a fan of Purdy paint brushes too! But regardless of what brand of brushes you have, you need a Wooster Painter’s Comb to make cleaning those brushes a snap.

    And I urge you to invest in a couple of those cheap spout stretcher. They attach to the inner rim of the open paint can and can eliminate almost all messy drips.

    I use plastic liners for my paint tray and I’m really fond of my HANDy paint cup with the magnet inside for gripping your brush.

    Lastly, be sure to grab some Glad Press ‘N’ Seal to make covering up your paint can and/or tray. Ya don’t wanna keep fussing with taking the spout stretcher off & on, but you also don’t wanna let your paint start to dry out in the can. So, for times when you need to step away from the job for more than a couple of minutes, just seal up the can with this stuff!

  14. I’d love to know the color you’ve used here as well. I’ve not been successful in finding it. My husband has painted our dining room twice and I’m still not happy with the color. Ugh! This color looks wonderful! He usually cuts in the trim work freehand – unfortunately I’m rotten at picking out colors and he’s had far too much experience with painting!

    1. Hi Tara and Jackie! The color in the kitchen and dining room is a mistinted version of Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage (The paint is from Wal-Mart) and they used the light base. The formula for one gallon is B-37, E-39.5, and T-37. I think formulas transfer to all brands, so you should be able to take this formula in to get a gallon of this paint in your favorite brand.


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