February Acronym

Time to remember the work we’ve done in February with the monthly acronym.

Favorites and Freebies:  We shared our favorite painting supplies, heart and love finds,  and most recent Etsy additions.  To share the Valentine’s day love, we offered up free Valentine cards and a print.

Eventually added cabinet doors and answered cabinet questions:  That’s right, our kitchen is looking finished.

Balloon animals:  Planning a balloon animal themed party for Everett.

Rockin’ to the blues:  Paint, that is.  And our kitchen is rockin’ it.

Undermining tradition:  By buying a potted rose plant instead of cut flowers for Valentine’s day.

Art challenge and an afternoon craft:  Some blog friends and I posed a Pinterest inspired art challenge and shared our projects.  Vincent and I also made ‘stained glass’ hearts for Valentine’s day.

Randomness and Rope lights:  We’re wrapping up the kitchen, including fun accent lighting.

Yet again:  We have a broken living room lamp.  Luckily, I found harder to break lamps at Target for under $30!  If you’re in the market for new lamps, here’s a round-up of my current favorites.


2 thoughts on “February Acronym

  1. While I love the roundup, what part of it is an acronym?

    Acronym: A word formed from the initial letters of other words (e.g., radar, laser).

  2. You can disregard my question. It wasn’t till I loaded this outside of my google reader that I could see the bold letters.

    My apologies!

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