Favorite Things: Green

When I think of March, I think of green.  Because both St. Patrick’s day (even though I am in no way Irish) and spring is finally starting to arrive.  Trees are getting fresh spring green leaves, bulbs weasel their way through the dirt, and everything comes back to life after winter.  It’s a good time; my favorite time.

Kelly green fabric for a bright pop of color in a room.  Pillows?  Yes please!

I can’t keep plants alive, but I’d love to try moss graffiti somewhere.

An olive-green rug for a splash of color and pattern.

Magnetic magazine pockets can organize almost any room.  Corral papers in an office, books by a nightstand, you name it.

Did you know you can regrow green onions?  Just put the white roots in a glass of water in a sunny spot.

Replace a door wreath with a mossy green monogram.

Green is my favorite color, and I’m so looking forward to the new pops of green outside.  What about you?  Favorite color?  Favorite thing about spring?  Are you Irish?  Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

6 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Green

  1. I love the fact that it’s 70 degrees in Minnesota in MARCH. And for the forseeable future we will have 70-degree, into 80-degree weather! YAY!

  2. Love green too! We definitely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Last year, I was much better going to see both an Irish folk singer and Dropkick Murphy’s but this year it’s going to be low key Irish dinner with our families. Yum for corned beef and cabbage (even though I don’t eat it, I like to make it!)

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