Going Once, Going Twice…

What’s missing from this photo?

Here’s a hint:

Yep, that big red ‘For Sale by Owner’ sign is gone, because we sold our house!  Technically, our house is under contract, contingent on the purchase of our new home (totally backward from typical sales).  After 12 days on the market and 19 showings, including six on Friday, we got an offer.  A few counter offers later, we agreed on a price and signed on the dotted line.  Of course it’s not a done deal until closing, but we’re excited to get back to a normal life.  It didn’t take as long as I expected, and we totally love the buyer, which eases our minds.

We’ve got a few for sale by owner posts to come, but we were excited to share the news!

25 thoughts on “Going Once, Going Twice…

  1. Wow, lucky it was so fast! Glad you were able to sell it before moving to your new home, especially selling it on your own! Congratulations!

  2. So happy for you! We’re thinking (for the distant 1-2 year future) about doing For Sale by Owner so I would LOVE to hear your suggestions! I think you have a big advantage being in real estate before and having a gorgeous house. Can’t wait for new house pictures!!!

  3. If you don’t mind sharing, how much value were you able to add to your home with all your improvements? I know you did them for your own enjoyment and not for the “purpose” of selling your home, but I’m just wondering what sort of return you’re seeing from all your hard work. As someone who does home improvement projects based solely on what we love and want to live with, I also always have resale in the back of my mind. Congratulations, btw! I’ve loved following the progress of this house. Can’t wait to see house #2!

    1. Hi Ainhoa! Luckily it was really fast! And it’s only better because the buyer rocks!!

      Hay Katrina, Thanks!! One step closer to the new house. 🙂

      Hey Meghan, Totally lucky for a quick sale. I don’t think the FSBO had much to do with it either way.

      Hi Nora! Thanks! We’ll share our FSBO tips and experiences for sure. 🙂 Honestly though, my real estate experience didn’t come into play much. The house kind of sold itself and Ben handled the showings.

      Hey Tami! Thanks! And congrats to you too on the baby girl on the way. I tried to comment on your blog, but it wouldn’t work. Boo to that, but yay to new babies!! So excited for you!!!!!!!

      Hi Trisha, I can definitely cover that. 🙂 We’ll use vague numbers, but I’m happy to discuss. So excited to share the new house!!

      Hey Kristen! We’re pretty happy! No more showings, less cleaning, and more time to finish the lingering projects and plan for the new house. 🙂 Definitely all for the better.


    1. Hey Erica! Yep, I’ve got plans to post our FSBO tips and experiences. If there’s anything specific you’re wondering about, just let me know!


  4. Holy smokes…that was fast! Congrats and fingers crossed that everything else moves as quickly!
    I have to admit that I’m painfully jealous – we tried selling my condo in the city last year and didn’t get any bites. We had to move on our new house (which we LOVE) so decided to rent our condo instead. We are losing some money on the condo each month so hope to try and sell again soon – although that will be even more difficult with renters in there!

  5. Congrats. That is exciting news and super quick given the current market. However, given that your house was in such great condition after all your renovations I am not really that shocked. Super excited for you though

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks! We actually found a house before we ever thought of selling this one, so that’s why we’re selling. No house hunting for us. 🙂

      Hey Lizzy! Keep those fingers crossed. Nothing is official until closing. 🙂 You know, I think spring is the best time to try to sell. It’s just getting nice out again and people are looking. Definitely more difficult with renters in there though.

      Hi Sarah-Nadine, Thanks! The market is starting to pick up around here, so we’re really lucky. Though Montana didn’t crash as hard as some other places because it didn’t peak as high.

      Hey Julia! Thanks!! That’s something that we’re really appreciative of right now. The buyer loves the house as it currently is. We’re happy to find someone who loves and appreciates the house as it is. I know that after we close it’s none of my business what they do with/to the house, but it would make me sad to think of the kitchen or my office getting torn apart. Kind of silly of me, but this house was our baby and we want it to feel loved. 🙂


    1. Thanks, everyone! We’re so happy this process has gone smoothly…so far! Knock on wood and keep those fingers crossed the closings go as scheduled and without problems. 🙂


  6. I tried commenting earlier this week when I saw this to say –

    “CONGRATULATIONS!” Although, it’s no surprise since you are so good at being amazing and have such incredible taste. I couldn’t be more excited for my blog bff!


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