March Acronym

March just marched right past us after being especially busy selling our house, hosting family, and planning a cute little boy’s second birthday.  Here’s how March happened for us.

Marketing a house to sell and a  munchkin birthday party:  We sold our house within two weeks of putting it on the market, and we’re sharing our knowledge of fliers, handling showings, and FSBO tips.

Munchkin’s balloon animal themed party including cupcake toppers and well, balloon animals.


A success and failure:  A cute little kids table and a rug disappointment.

Round ups:  Of our favorite green things and lingering projects in this house.  Organizing our cutting boards and cookie sheets and how we planned my office.

Catch up:  On house projects.  With the decision to sell our house, we had a lot of work.  Painting our living room, touching up paint, and finishing our kitchen.

House for sale:  After accidentally finding a house we liked, we decided to sell our house.

How was March for you?  Highlight of the month?

3 thoughts on “March Acronym

  1. We sold, by owner, in 2 weeks also, a couple of years ago. Isn’t it so gratifying to save all that money? (and defy naysayers-{realtors}) 🙂

    I found you by way of YHL last week’s kitchen reno post.

    I really love all of the wood work in your soon-to-be former home. I can’t wait to see the new home and the transformation.

    Since I don’t have a handy hubby, I live vicariously through DIY blogs. blessings–

    1. Hi Bonita, Thanks so much! We’re excited to share everything as soon as we can. 🙂

      Hey Suzanne, So glad you found us! And, we loved that we got to prove it to the real estate agents. One did a preview for a buyer and told us she would have listed it 10 grand under our list price. Well, we sold it $1000 over what she would have listed it at and saved the 3% commission. 🙂 So happy! Congrats on selling yours quickly!!


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