The Color of Spring

Despite this winter being remarkably nice and tame, I’m excited spring is here.  Small signs are popping up, quite literally, all around.  Before planting rose bushes in the front bed, I had an assortment of bulbs and perennials.  Each year, one rogue tulip shows up.

All of our fruit trees made it through the winter, too.  It’s interesting how different trees and leaves look, even as buds.  Tight clusters on the cherry trees.

Larger leaves on the pear trees.

The Italian plum trees are the slowest to leaf out.  Look at the small flower-like bunches on our maple trees.

To me, this is the color of spring.  Bright, fresh, and new; not the dark green of summer.

Bleeding hearts are starting to sprout buds, with bright green leaves.

I’m enjoying it while I can, because this fresh spring doesn’t last long.  And, we won’t live at this house for another spring.

How is spring in your area?  Already in full bloom?  Just starting like it is here?  What’s your favorite element of spring?  Fresh flowers?  Warmer weather?  Fresh green leaves?

9 thoughts on “The Color of Spring

    1. Hey Emily, I’d love to live in a slightly warmer climate, but I’ll leave you with the humidity. 🙂 Your yard is coming along!

      Hi Folksyhome! Isn’t spring awesome? I love when everything starts showing life again after a dull, dead-looking winter.

      Hey Lizzy! The yard at the new house is very hilly and full of weeds. Ground water is virtually non-existent, so landscaping will be a challenge. We’re scheduled to close in the next few weeks. Eek, so exciting! Can’t wait to show everything!!!

      Hi Katrina, Thanks! 🙂 When is your birthday?


  1. Spring is EVERYwhere around here. I’m in Ontario and, often, at this time of year, we’re still wandering around in winter jackets and wondering if we’ll get one last snow storm. It’s been an incredibly early spring, but kind of delightful. However, I keep having to remind myself NOT to put my seedlings in the garden… Not ’til May!

  2. Spring looks very similar here in Colorado. Thanks for the pictures, we are enjoying the budding leaves here as well! Love this time of year!!

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