Q and A: Year 2

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all who have protected and served our country.  We’re busy working on a few projects, but I wanted to pop in with a quick post today.  Let’s answer your questions!


Q:  How about your biggest project fail (from the distant past or more recently)?

A:  Hmm, some of my smaller failures include ombre shower curtain, wire Moooi pendant, picking light blue and all pink paint colors, and nearly everything involving a plant.  The biggest failure I can think of is the large basement bedroom at our first house.  From a function stand point, it was great.  The design wasn’t my favorite though.  Obviously design is very personal, but this room didn’t fit in with the rest of the house.  Perhaps if we stayed there longer it would have changed.  I think the reason we don’t have as many large failures is because Ben and I balance each other out in the home improvement realm.  I think pretty and he thinks practical.  Take away one person and it doesn’t work.

Q:  Your favorite project to date?

A: Hands down our first house kitchen remodel.  That whole room was such a labor of love.  Building our own cabinets took a lot of time and effort and the wood counters are divine.  Add white marble to that mix and I’m in love.

Q:  What project you’re most looking forward to at the new house (even if it’s not happening for a while).

A:  Ooh, that’s a good one.  Again, I’m going to say kitchen, despite lacking a solid plan.


Q:  When you want me to come visit. ;) Okay, you don’t have to answer that one. I know you want to come visit me, so I’ll just keep waiting.

A:  Anytime you’re willing to babysit or help paint.  Haha.

Q:  When are you guys gonna quit your jobs and become full-time bloggers?

A:  Ha, I quit my day job six years ago!

Q:  When did you start offering advertising on your website? How many visitors/page views was it when you decided to start offering?

A:  The first month we had more than my blog BFF Jen advertising with us was August 2011, after fifteen months of steady blogging.  At that time, we had about 400 blog subscribers (more through readers) and received just over 50,000 page views that month.  Since then we’ve more than doubled our subscribers and page views.  Our ad rates were only $15 per month, which we’ve recently increased to $20.

That’s all we’ve got.  Do you have another question for us?  We’re always happy to answer.  What did you do over the long weekend?  What are your plans for today?