Year Three: Leather

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Third anniversary today.  Leather is a versatile theme, in my opinion.  For a man, a new wallet or a technology case would be nice.  Ladies, how about these leather bangles from Leather Wraps?

Here are my favorite colors, but you can choose your favorite.

Kelly Green:

Metallic Mustard:

Truly Teal:

Fern Green:

The Goods: One set of six leather bangles with tube accents in any color from Leather Wraps.

To Enter:  Leave a comment, which can (but doesn’t have to) include our Just for Fun question.

Just for Fun: Where did you go on a honeymoon?  An exotic location with lush Kelly green plants?  Along a truly teal ocean?

Contest Closes: Sunday, June 17th at 11:59 pm, central time.

Number of Winners: One!

Ships: Anywhere in the United States.

Other Info: We will select the winner using and announce on Monday, June 18th.  Good luck!!

181 thoughts on “Year Three: Leather

  1. After I got married we went through the drive-thru @ McDonalds for milkshakes & then home for a nap. That’s it. Nothing more. Boring huh?

  2. 9 months after our wedding we finally had the time (and funds) to go on our honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! It was so beautiful, relaxing, and fun! We had the blessing of plane tickets and the use of a friend’s condo as wedding gifts. 🙂

  3. Oh man. Gorgeous jewelry! We went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! I would love to get some truly teal bracelets to go with the gorgeous teal necklace my hubs bought me while we were there 5 years ago!

  4. we honeymooned in chincoteague, VA which was not far from home. i really wish my external harddrive hadnt eaten ALL those pictures…

  5. No honeymoon here. 😦 We paid for our entire wedding ourselves and had to use our honeymoon money to buy a car. A couple years later we went to Bermuda, I guess that would count, except our cruise was stuck in a hurricane lol. Gorgeous bracelets.

  6. No honeymoon for us. We had our wedding night in a hotel and then a flight back to home because hubby had to go back to medical school the next day.

  7. We didn’t have a honeymoon right away, but the following summer we explored Costa Rica together. Happy anniversary to you and Ben by the way!

  8. i adore these bracelets! We went to Mexico for our honeymoon…and just went back this February for our 7th anniversary!

  9. We went to a hotel in a neighboring town for our wedding night since we both had to be back at school for finals the next monday. But we went on a belated honeymoon (once we both finished college 1 1/2 years later) in Europe. We have friends in central France and in Vienna Austria so we stayed for 3 weeks. It was wonderful!

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    I’m not married yet but when I do my honeymoon will involve a beach somewhere and lots of umbrella drinks and relaxing 🙂

  11. we went to vancouver british columbia for our honeymoon. started off bad (crappy hotel that looked nice online but ended up having a view of a garbage pile on the roof of the building next to it and reminded us more of a place you would commit adultery in than have a honeymoon in), but after some switching of hotels we had a decent time (i also had just caught the cold that my new husband had had the week prior to the wedding).

  12. Cool bracelets. I am in love with all of the colors.

    We didn’t have much of a honeymoon, but we went to Europe when we turned 30 instead!

  13. I love the teal and fern green!
    We went to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. It’s on the Pacific side of Mexico and is awesome – especially since we honeymooned in January!!

  14. I would love to wear those on my future honeymoon! Maybe a nice teal to complement beautiful ocean views? 🙂

  15. The bracelets are fantastic! We went on a three week European adventure for our honeymoon- it was totally perfect. My husband planned the entire thing, and “gave” it to me as a surprise for my birthday.

  16. We went on a California coast road trip with stops in LA, Big Sur, San Francisco, and Sonoma. The perfect mix of exploring and relaxing.

  17. After eloping to Vega, we went to San Diego for our anniversary. But in our minds we took our honeymoon before we got married when we went to Europe for 3 weeks. 🙂

  18. We spent our honeymoon on the beaches of beautiful Destin, Florida. We have a special anniversary coming up!!

  19. I want some bangles! And I have yet to honeymoon anywhere, but hopefully it is coming up in the future! 🙂

  20. Our honeymoon was a 2-parter. The first part was a cruise up to Canada (Nova Scotia area) and then the second half was spent in NYC.

  21. Pretty, we went to US and British Virgin Islands. Stayed at Caneel Bay in St. John, USVI It has been 7 years, I really would love to go back.

  22. We went to the Smoky Mountains because we were able to drive there on short notice. We needed an “on short notice” honeymoon because the day before our wedding a hurricane hit our original destination (Ft. Meyers Beach, FL) and killed the power, running water, and airport for the time we were supposed to be there. We had a great honeymoon though, and went to Ft. Meyers a few years later on our anniversary instead.

  23. We went to Bermuda…and how I would love to go back. They colors of the plants were amazing and all of the homes are colorful. Just a breathe of fresh colorful air!

  24. We went to St. Lucia! It was definitely lush and very relaxing! Can’t wait for our next vacation!

  25. Love these!! The “Truly Teal” reminds me of the beautiful color of the water in the Bahamas, where I went on my honeymoon almost 16 years ago!

  26. Okay, I am absolutely in LOVE with these! We went to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and had so much fun =)

  27. We went to Chicago in December – gentle snowfall, white twinkling Christmas lights in all the trees, seeing a theater production of A Christmas Carol. So good!

  28. Love the bangles! We actually have a honeymoon, but we’ve been married over 40 years now! I guess the honeymoon isn’t a big requirement for longevity!
    (oh yes…I was a baby when I got married! 🙂 )

  29. Love these!

    We were planning on leaving the following spring after our fall wedding to sail around the world for 5 years, and then we got pregnant, HA! So we are now waiting for the kids to be old enough to leave to attempt another honeymoon so to speak, hopefully some where warm with turquoise waters.

  30. Loving these leather wraps!

    We did not have a honeymoon, but an idea we had was to go across the country on train. Back in the summer of 2000, we took a cross-country trip on our little 2-door Honda Civic. I would love to do that again, but in a mid-size motor home with our pack of dogs = ) They would love it, as would we = )

    ~ Liliana

  31. How beautiful, love those bracelets!!

    Hubby and i went to Kuaui, north part. It was so beautiful, i swore we’d return with the kids…someday!

  32. No honeymoon yet! We got married when my husband was in dental school and had no time to get away! Looking forward to taking a big trip when its all over!

  33. Ummm, I absolutely LOVE these bangles & to top it off – we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary 2 weeks ago!
    We went to Barbados on our honeymoon, I would love to go back 🙂

  34. Our wedding is in 3 months, but we haven’t planned our honeymoon yet. We did just get back from the Dominican Republic though… It was amazing!

  35. We went to Turks and Caicos on our honeymoon. It was a fantastic trip and amazingly beautiful. I would love to go back soon.

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