The Chicago Blues

Knowing we’ll have several rounds of visitors over the summer (and in the next few weeks) we’ve pushed to get more done in the main bathroom.  Despite the vanity needing a few details, I put the first coat of Chicago Blues on.

I love it.  The swatch looked a little nuts, but in the space, it reads as a brighter navy.

A second coat will follow once Ben installs the top trim pieces, but the change and progress is welcome.  You might notice I painted the walls and ceilings.  Well, everything that I could around the patched areas.  In my mood board, I used Stone White from Ben Moore, but it looked too blue in person.  Eventually, I’ll paint the main areas Wood Smoke by Glidden, so I had the paint guy at Home Depot give me a 25% tint to flow with the rest of the house.  I figure getting a first coat on the majority will help.  Then I can prime and paint the patched areas, go over the entire room again for a seamless paint job.

Handy Sammy’s family stopped in to stay with us, so I added a few accessories to pretty it up a bit.

We’ve got more trim work to do, grouting in the shower, and painting, but we do have a functional toilet complete with toilet paper holder.

Fingers crossed Ben has time to grout the shower to get it functional for our guests.

How was your weekend?  Did you do any painting?  Maybe you installed a toilet?  We had fun chatting with family and eating dinner on the deck.

6 thoughts on “The Chicago Blues

  1. Its starting to come together and I am loving your light fixtures! We started painting the patio this weekend… who knew that project would become a multi day thing? lol… projects always last longer than you expect…

  2. Hi there! I just wanted to say thanks for buying this new house! I so look forward to your posts and seeing you make such major improvements so quickly. Its amazing what you two accomplish!! I loved when YHL bought their most recent home for the same reason, there is so much to look forward to and so much potential and its amazing to be a part of that, even as just a reader.

  3. Love the blue!! I painted this weekend with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I’m in love with that stuff!! Your bathroom is coming along great! Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. I love the blue, and I love the pendants (I just bought them for our kitchen renovation, soon to come). I spent the weekend re-doing my daughter’s room. She wanted it “all green,” which I refused to do, so I painted a big green stripe around the room. I’ll be posting before and after pics on my blog later tonight (, if I don’t fall asleep first! I just finished it today. Glad you had a good and productive weekend!

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