Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Happy Landings & Keeping Calm

One last Friday before the 4th of July!  We’re almost half way through (unofficial) summer.  I can’t believe it. selected AlysonElizabeth G, and Jena C as the winners of the Happy Landings giveaway.  Congrats, ladies!

On Monday, my sisters and their boyfriends got to Montana for a summer visit.  Along with hiking and swimming, we decided to take a trip out on the boat.


Ben and I have boated out here before, but it was a first for my family.  Getting ready at the boat launch and they were already excited about the views.

On either side, you’re usually surrounded by 200 to 300 foot tall rock cliffs.  Hence the canyon in the name.  Haha.  Different areas have been hollowed out, leaving behind cool caves,

sloped rocks,

and spires.

Many inlets to explore.

And sweeping views when coming out.

Yep, fun family outings keep me calm.

5 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Happy Landings & Keeping Calm

  1. Aw looks so fun! I miss our boat, my parents sold it after we went out to college. It looks very different from our foresty lakes in New England!

    1. Hey Julia!

      The water wasn’t super warm, but on a hot day it definitely felt nice. However, because the walls are so steep, it’s hard to find a good place to swim. It’s not your average lake.


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