This Just In

Ever since I unveiled my arrow stenciled pillow cover, I’ve gotten requests to add something like it to the shop.

Over the weekend, I gave you a peek at the four newest members of our Etsy shop.

Today, I’m proud to reveal a new line of pillow covers for your abode.  Meet the new crew, currently available in teal, gray, mustard, and olive.

Let’s get to know them better, shall we?  Each pillow is made from a linen/cotton blend for the luxurious linen look with the ease of cotton.

At 18 inches square, these pillows are the perfect size for a chair, couch, or bed.  And finding pillow inserts is easy because this is a standard size.

All designs are hand stenciled, one small section at a time, making each pillow unique.  Of course, that also means there are small imperfections or areas where the paint seeped under, but that all adds to the charm of a hand made item.

Envelope closures at the back make stuffing and removing the insert easy when it’s time for a wash.  Speaking of washing, linen is actually easy to care for.  Just turn the pillow cover inside out.  Machine wash on a cool, gentle setting with like colors.  Dry on low setting.  Iron if necessary, keeping cover inside out.

Currently, we have four colors ready for purchase, as well as two different sized prints.  Choose the small print for a patterned look, or the large print for a bolder, graphic look.  Like what you see?  Head over to get one for yourself before we sell out.  Like the idea, but need something a little different?  Send an email to with your color, size, and pattern size preference and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

So, what do you think of the new additions?  Depending on how these are received, I’m excited to add a few more options to the shop and take on custom requests.  What color(s) would you like to see?  Perhaps a different size?  Or a different material?  Share your thoughts to help expand this line, please!

13 thoughts on “This Just In

  1. Very cute! I love the teal with the smaller pattern. I would say to stick to your colors from the blog to tie it all together but custom colors is always a great idea!

  2. Love them and love this idea! Anytime I consider opening an etsy store and doing something like this, I run a time to profit analysis and determine it’s not worth it. Am I just a slow sewer?! 🙂 How long does it take you to whip up an 18″ pillow cover? Not including the stenciling.

  3. My son is in the Order of the Arrow, an honor society in the Boy Scouts. If you made white pillows with red arrows and labeled them in your shop with OA or “Order of the Arrow”, you could probably sell a pile of them to Scouters.
    Just a tip! They’re beautiful!

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