Nailed It

Well, almost nailed it.  Guess what?  We’re thisclose to finishing the main bathroom.  Over the weekend, Ben put up most of the trim.  Then he ran out.  Of course I couldn’t wait, so I filled holes and caulked all the seams I could.  It’s looking a little rough, but we’re getting there.

But nothing is ever simple with us.  That plan we had talked about a few months ago must have been forgotten, thus causing an argument or two.  First off, the door trim.  Ben cut a piece of the casement for the top, but it looked wimpy, and I insisted suggested he beef it up to five inches.  (That’s what she said.)

While annoyed, he must have agreed because he didn’t protest.  The toilet nook (doesn’t that sound cozy) was easy to agree on.

However, the vanity area had many issues.  For starters, Ben forgot that I wanted false drawers on the front of the vanity.  Sure, we could cover it with a flat piece, but I think it needs some more character and bling.  Good grief, I want to use pretty drawer pulls.

Until Ben decides he wants to work on that, we’ve still got this going on.

He cut a piece of trim to go along the side of the counter top, and I’m just not feeling it.  Just too bulky.

And I really don’t like the way the end looks against the linen closet.

Most likely we’ll add 1/4 inch thick by 3 inch wide trim instead to make a border around the closet end.  Because the walls aren’t perfectly straight, we’ve got a gap to fill at the back of the closet.

Basically, the visible side of the linen closet will have shaker style details similar to the kitchen cabinets we built for our first house.  And faux drawers to match, please.  Then we still have to cut thin strips to cap off the chair rail.

To cap it off, we’ll add crown molding, which I still have to find.  Something simple with a little bit of detail would be great.

Gotta sand down the filled areas to get ready for priming and painting.  Perhaps between scraping wallpaper off I’ll find some time.

I know Ben gets annoyed, but I’m fairly certain he likes the results, despite my uncanny ability to request changes.  Hey, I have a vision and I’m not good at compromising.  Haha.

What differences do you and your spouse have about projects?  Did you get a project almost done over the weekend?

9 thoughts on “Nailed It

  1. We are definitely different in the aspect that I’m a perfectionist and he’s all about cutting corners. Makes home renovations interesting to say the least. We’re just about doing hanging sheetrock in our bathroom. I can’t wait to get paint on the walls. Anything is better than green board.

    P.S: Wallpaper scraping looks good but I would suggest using a bit more water to moisten the paper backing and loosen the glue. I was hesitant at first to use too much water but that never really ended up being an issue.

  2. Good luck finishing your bathroom! It’s looking good so far! My boyfriend and I fight about projects all of the time haha We almost got our dining room table done this weekend but it’s still sitting unstained in our garage 😦 Hopefully we can finish it before this weekend rolls around!

  3. Luckily, Hubby and I agree about everything we do in the house, we have the same taste and ideas. Never had a conflict over it.

  4. LOL. My hubs and I always agree to disagree on every project around this place, the latest being a retaining wall on one side of our driveway! I took a walk outside to check out the progress, which surprisingly was coming along great guns. I say ‘surprisingly’ because my hubby is known around here as the “four hour man”! No matter the job, big or small, you’re guaranteed a very l-o-n-g wait! ;-)) Back to the wall….it was finally at the height we’d both agreed on, except that the last block in the row was sitting bang smack right in the middle of the row – and not at the end. Assuming he’d run out of blocks, I told him it would look fantastic once he’d finished it – to which DH replied that it was finished! Can you imagine the look on my face??? I had to pick my jaw up off the ground, gather my thought waves together, and ask him what happened to the row not finishing and tapering off at the end? His answer was that the middle of the row is where it should taper off! Well…I gulped some air into my lungs, counted to three, then told him that that being the case, all the blocks in that row had to go….his turn now to look dumbfounded (as only husbands are so skilled at doing…don’t you think so, girls?)…so I walked away from it and left him to mull it over for the rest of the afternoon. When next I dared to venture outside, ‘miraculously’ the blocks had been extended to the end of the row – and viola, it looked better than fantastic! It’s a girl’s job to make waves…right? ;-)) Hx

  5. I’m almost finished with some bedside tables for my master bedroom. Almost. I must say, I’ll be glad when they are out of my garage and where they belong. The bathroom is looking great! I cannot wait to see the finished results!

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