Etsy Favs: August

Well, it’s that time of the month again.  Here’s what I added to my Etsy favs this month.

Sending snail mail is a dying habit, but this cute Hello There Card from Quill and Fox could be the push to send something out with a stamp.

This Paris Rooftops Painting by Tubidu is plain pretty.  Paris, painting, and metallic gold. ‘Nough said.

Lately I’ve been drawn to the happiness of yellow, and this Triangle Printed Pillow from Jamie Lundberg.  Adorable.

And how could I resist this Gold Metallic Pillow Cover by {Me} Longings?

I think this Le Corbusier Green Wooden Block from The Colour Store would make a great bookend adding a burst of color.

How clever are these Stitched Wood Grain Pillow Cover by Stitch and Spoke?

And we’re back to my yellow obsession.  Yellow Snail Pillow from Laura Frisk, just plain awesome.

What happens when you combine flowers and watercolors?  Irresistible to Amanda art.  This Poppy Party Flowers Print by Karen Faulkner is no exception.

Geometric shapes are also a recent craze of mine, so these Stained Glass Honeycomb Drops by Bespoke Glass Tile hopped in my favorites.

Don’t even get me started on this fantastic Hanging Terrarium from Meg A. Myers Designs.  And how awesome would that be as a light fixture?!?

Apparently my inner raccoon has been on the prowl this month, because we’ve got another shiny, metallic item.  Gold Houndstooth Pillow Cover by Alive House.

Green is my favorite color, and this Ombre Green Necklace from Carton Bois is cute.

More faux bois.  Love this Faux Bois Utensil Holder by Jade Flower.  Turn it into a vase for more versatility.

Something about this Take Every Risk, Drop Every Fear from Lucius Art makes me smile.  Maybe the quote, but maybe the worn background.

Along with yellow (and metallics!) I’ve crushed on coral anything and everything.  This Coral Canvas Tote Bag by Chi Chi Dee is cute enough to pop in a frame as art, too.

Hello, pretty patterned Gray and Yellow Designer Pillow Covers from My Pillow Studio.

Today is the Day from Field Trip just puts a smile on my face.

Anyone think of Friends because of this You Are My Lobster by Rock the Custard?  Oodles of other adorable prints in the shop, too.

Rainy days make me happy lately.  And this Rain Drop Tea Towel from Homesteading Roasters is flippin’ great.

Possibly my favorite pillow cover of all time, this Patchwork X Pillow by CC Deux Vie.  Bold black and white, copper silk, and a fun pattern.  Sign me up!

So, which is your favorite?  It’s hard to pick just one, right?

7 thoughts on “Etsy Favs: August

  1. thank you very much for featuring my green necklace. I really like your picks, some of them were already my favorite too. Like the yellow snail pillow. I’m so gonna buy it soon 🙂

  2. Loooooving the wood grain pillow covers! Is it sad that I think they would be great for our camper?? Woodsy yet practical. We’re fancy like that… 🙂

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