Puttin’ On My Painting Clothes

Welp, over the last four days I did a lot of prep and painting.   Thought it may not look like I did.  You know, the main bathroom is deceptively large and then factor in the trim detail I had to work with.  It took most of my weekend, but we’re one step closer to a finished bathroom.  Last weekend, Ben installed most of the trim.  He finished up on Tuesday, installing the cap and details around the vanity.  I spent a few hours filling nail holes and caulking the seams on Wednesday.  After that, I packed up the boys and we took a trip to the lumber yard to search for the perfect crown molding.  Five samples came home with me, but I had a clear favorite.  That one, at the top of the pile.

Ben agreed, and it was the second cheapest option.  Hooray!  Thursday I sanded everything and started priming.  Then on Friday I put on the first coat of white paint.  After our home-made waffle breakfast, our little family made another trip to the lumber yard to buy our crown molding to finish off the bathroom.  Ben installed it once we got home.  Of course that gave me more nail holes to fill and seams to caulk, but the end was in sight.  While letting the caulk dry, I put a second coat of white on the lower half.  Bright and early on Sunday morning, I sanded the crown and gave it a quick, heavy coat of white.  Luckily, one coat covered the crown completely, so I let that dry and worked on the entertainment center.  (More on that project soon!)  Then I taped off the white trim to give the walls and ceiling a second coat of gray.  And so I did.  Because I worked my butt off to get this all done, I thought it be best to tell you every detail of the process so you feel like you’ve painted with me.  Haha.  I told you all of that to show you this; our (almost) finished bathroom.

While I’m biased, I’m completely in love.  And it’s nice to see the trim one color.  So much whiter and brighter.

We’ve got a few little things to do, like build faux drawers for the vanity, paint the door (which means the rest of the doors in the house will get painted as well-I think I’ve landed on a color), and spray paint the fan cover.

The rest is d.o.n.e.  As I mentioned, Ben and I had a few disagreements about trim placement.  Lucky for me, he agreed to add 1/4 inch detail trim around the side of the linen closet.

The rest of the room has a decorative trim (which also functions to hide the peeled sheet rock).

The same trim wraps around the vanity acting as a back splash.

Details make me happy.  While this trim is simple, I think it works well with the modern meets traditional aesthetic we’re going for.

Simple square door casement with a touch of detail.

And let’s talk about the crown.  We had the option to use traditional crown, similar to what is in the rest of the house, like this for 55 and 75 cents per linear foot.

But it all felt too formal and traditional.  Instead, we landed on a door casement with a slightly detailed, but still clean lined profile.  For us, this works.  We used casement as crown in our first house with great results.  And, this trim is only 45 cents a linear foot.  At that price, for our 8 foot square bathroom, the crown cost only $11.25.

Big impact for little money.  And the casement is easier to work with that true crown.

What do you think of our almost finished bathroom?  Did you work all weekend?  Or did you take some time to relax?  I’m off to work on the entertainment center now.

17 thoughts on “Puttin’ On My Painting Clothes

  1. looking good!
    is there an overhead light in the bathroom – or just the two pendants and the light tube?
    it might just be the pics but the toilet nook looks dark. (bathrooms are next to impossible to photograph!)

    1. I agree, everything looks great, but it’s dark in there. What use is crisp white trim if there’s no light to bounce off it?

      1. Hi Lizzy and Jenny,

        I know the toilet nook looks dark in pictures, but in person, it’s not bad. Granted the sky tube doesn’t add light to that area, but it is directly across from the vanity and pendants. Come on over and check it out. 😉


  2. we just used those same two pendant llights over our kitchen sink. I’d put them in each bathroom here, too! The price was right, and they look fantastic! Thanks Lowe’s 🙂

  3. Really, really lovely makeover. I have enjoyed watching the progress and can’t wait to see what you do in the rest of the house. You have so much Real Estate to work with! I’m anxious to see what your plans are for this kitchen, as I was so sad you had to leave behind that beautifully remodeled kitchen in your other house so soon. Oh yeah, kudos to Ben, too. He’s very handy to have around. 😉

    1. Hi Tiffany!

      Aww, thanks! I was sad to leave our kitchen, too. We’re still working on plans for this kitchen. We have a general idea, but plans change and evolve over time so we’ll see where we end up.


  4. You and your husband are so talented! The bathroom has really come together. I agree withe the other comments about the lighting. Seems like there needs to be recessed lights or another light tube…
    Otherwise it looks great! Looking forward to seeing more projects.

  5. It looks great…you and Ben are one talented duo! I am so excited to see what you do with the rest of the house.
    I have a dresser that I’ve been meaning to paint and I managed to put it off all weekend so I’m very impressed by your motivation to paint!

  6. The bathroom looks great! I love all the detail you’ve put into it. We’ve been taking a couple weeks off from working on the house. Sometimes a break is a good thing!

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      I made the art. If you look at my site, on the left sidebar you’ll see a picture of it. Click and it will take you to the tutorial.


  7. Ok, so I am getting ready for my best friend from college who is coming to stay with us for a week. I’m running around like a crazy person making beds and cleaning bathrooms, but I allowed myself a break of Diet Dr. Pepper and to read your bathroom reveal. THIS LOOKS AWESOME! I love the white trim, the pendants above the sink, and I’m still in amazement over the natural light tube. Nice work, you should be very proud!

    1. Hi Eskibs!

      Aww, you’re too sweet! Thanks so much! Good luck preparing for your guest. It’s always fun having visitors. 🙂


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      The casement sits flush against the wall. Casement with a flat edge work best to sit against the ceiling and wall. Check out the link above for more details. 🙂


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