Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Jamie Lundberg & Craft Challenge

TGIF.  I’m ready to spend more time with Ben and hopefully eat his home-made ‘daddy waffles’ as the boys call them.  Friday also means we’re wrapping up the Jamie Lundberg giveaway.

Carly, good luck choosing what to spend your $25 credit on, because you’re the winner.

And now, I’m issuing the first ever Our Humble A{Bowe}d Craft Challenge.  That’s right, I’m challenging you to create something from these boring house hold supplies.

1.  Scrap paper:  Magazines/catalogs/newspaper/decorative/post it notes

2.  Wire:  Twist ties/floral wire

3.  String:  Thread/yarn/twine even fabric scraps smaller than 6 inches

4.  Cardboard tubes:  Toilet paper/paper towels/mailing tubes

5.  Paint:  Spray/acrylic/watercolors

6.  Clothes pins:  Any size, any color

7.  Empty containers:  Soup cans/soda cans/glass jars/plastic jugs

8.  Nails:  Finishing nails/framing nails/whatever size

Not pictured:

9.  Popsicle sticks:  Used or new

10.  Cork:  Rolls/squares/wine corks

And a few simple rules:

1.  Make anything your heart desires.  Something functional, decorative, art, seasonal, Halloween.

2.  Use at least two items from the list.

3.  Glues and other adhesives can be used.  Whatever you need to do to hold it together is fine.  Sewing, pinning, nailing, taping, it’s all good.

4.  Only one non list item may be used.  The point is to test creativity and come up with something new.

Who’s with me?  If you’re in, let’s take 10 days to work on our items, and meet back here on Monday the 15th to share.  Hopefully I can figure out how to make a link party work between now and then.  In the words of Tim Gunn, make it work.

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