Haunting Halloween

This year, I’m actually ahead of my usual week before holiday decorating schedule.  As in, our front porch is ready for Halloween.  Bring on the trick-or-treaters!  It’s nothing special, just left overs from years past, pumpkins, dollar store birds and skulls, and a DIY project or two.

Because we’re got two little guys, I didn’t want anything bloody, gory, or scary.  Just a little spooky.  I made the black feather wreath a few years ago.  Sure, it’s a little smaller than I’d like, but it does the job.  On the left side of the door, I set a dollar store skeleton in the planter.  Our pumpkins, ready for carving, add nice color.  And a cut paper tree silhouette wrapped around a cheap vase is a fun luminary.

To the right side I added a birdcage Ben found in the garbage at the apartments.

Filled with pine cones, a cheap crow, and a skeleton, it looks more suitable for Halloween.  I’d like to cover the table with something to dress it up, but I don’t know what yet.  Two more pumpkins and a tombstone round out the grouping.

Wanting one more thing, I made the tombstone with supplies I already had at home.  A piece of foam insulation, utility knife, and Martha Stewart Terra Cotta paint I bought at Home Depot on clearance for fifty cents, not knowing what I’d use it on.

For a tombstone look, I cut the top into a half round shape using the utility knife.

Using a pencil, I carved the name Frank N. Stein and dates in the foam.

Then I randomly brushed the paint on.  Sand in the paint gives a nice, gritty texture.

Three coats of paint kind of filled in the text, so I went back over with a thick black Sharpie to high light the text.

Now all we have to do is carve pumpkins and hope the trick-or-treaters are willing to hike up our driveway for candy.

Have you started or finished decorating for Halloween?  Are you planning a Halloween party?  Do you stick to a theme?  Brooklyn Limestone’s Halloween themes are always super fun.

10 thoughts on “Haunting Halloween

  1. Love the tombsone! That paint is super cool too. I would never have guessed you painted foam insulation. Great job!
    We have not decorated for Halloween yet (we’ll get pumpkins next weekend from the in-laws), and we won’t be having a Halloween party. A b-day party for my 2-year-old will be quite enough. 🙂

    1. Hey Jenna!

      The paint is really cool. Thicker than I expected, but it worked really well. Ooh, a party for your 2 -year-old! Adorable! 🙂


  2. Cover the table with black cheesecloth! 🙂 Thanks for posting the link to Brooklyn Limestone—their decorations are amazing!

  3. Ever since I left the birdcage at the thrift store last week due to a lot of strange in store circumstances I have seen so many of them everywhere for awesome Halloween decor like yours and now feel this need to get one. That tombstone is kick ass!

    1. Hey Alex,

      It makes the perfect addition. Kinda spooky, but not scary. Thanks for your compliment about the tombstone, too. 🙂


    1. Hi Ashley,

      Ha, well, he was a monster. I don’t know if they lived to a rip old age… 🙂


  4. That paint is really neat. I’m still currently in the process of decorating. I have a jumbled mess of decorations, but I want things to be more cohesive so I am having some troubles. Hopefully everything will come together before my Halloween party.

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