Broken Hearted

As we’re all aware, Valentine’s day is just over a week away.  While I love the opportunity to show a little extra love to my special men, I’m not so into red and hearts.  Instead, Ev and I partnered up to make a two toned heart pillow.  He chose the paint colors and I did the rest.


Using scrap paper, I made a half heart template and lightly traced it on my fabric with a pencil.  Using a yard stick, I made a line across to separate the triangular base from the top.


Martha Stewart craft paints claim to be good on fabric, so that’s what I used to fill in.  If I weren’t stuck inside due to crazy cold, snowy weather, I would have used fabric.


I’d rather have a lovey design with year round colors, so Ev did a good job with his choices.  Dude knows how to pick ’em.

Here are two more fun heart pillows you could make to add some love to your house:

DIY geometric heart pillow:

Gold pleather heart pillow: Yay for more modern versions of an old favorite.

Where do you stand on Valentine’s day and the decor that usually goes with it?

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