Chair City

That’s what I dubbed last week.  Why?  Because I scored two chairs while thrifting.  This first one was free.  It’s adorable, petite with a cute back.


Super simple, but it’s perfect for the little space next to the dresser in the guest room.  It should make a great place to plop a suitcase or bag.


The reason it was free?  One of the back legs is broken and someone crudely ‘fixed’ it with a scrap of wood and wire.  I’m not sure I can restore it to original, but at the very least add an even piece on without wire.


With a half yard of fabric and a few staples, the seat will look completely different.  Next up is a chair I’ve seen over the last few weeks.  I’m not sure what it is about this chair that I love so much, but I do.


Maybe it’s the two-tone look with black vinyl back?  The aged nail head trim?


Perhaps the dainty, curved arms.


It has a certain je ne sais quoi.  Look at those brass rings around the top of the legs.  This chair is packed with little details and I dig it.


Except those rubber feet and the baggy cushion covers.  Those are both going to go.  Question is, what color/fabric should the new covers be?  Natural linen?  It would match the small sofa and can go almost everywhere with anything.  Who knows if the living room is the last home for this guy…

5 thoughts on “Chair City

  1. I’m in with Karyl! Black and white (or dark brown and white) cowhide for the bigger chair would be great. The little chair is cute as it is. It has that ‘funky vintage vibe’. I wouldn’t reupholster that one.

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