Propagate Like Rabbits

In the early spring, I grabbed an ‘Angelina’ Stonecrop at Home Depot to stick in one of many small cracks near the waterfall.


Over just a few months, it has doubled in size.  Which is fantastic, but there’s a bonus to planting these, and most other varieties of succulents.


Little branch-type off shoots grow from the main stems.  Sometimes, they fall off if bumped or watered too heavily.


Rather than letting those tiny stems die, I gather them off the ground.

And poke the ends in wet soil.


If misted with water daily, they set up roots to form another plant.


As areas fill in, I’ve spread the fallen pieces around the waterfall.  Filling in cracks to add bright greenery to break up the spans of rocks.


I haven’t had a need to try this with the ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum, but I know this also works with Blue Spruce Sedum.  Deer have trampled those to eat the flowers.  Rooting those fallen stems is a crazy easy way to spread the love and save some moolah.

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