Lush and Plush

I swear, our house is constantly changing.  Looking at our three-year progress shows that, but not all changes are as big, dramatic, or noticeable.  Some are difficult and drawn out, so it’s refreshing when something quick makes an impact.  Take a look at this photo of the boys bedroom, taken last week:


Do you catch the change right away?


That cheap, scratchy, too small Ikea rug got kicked to the curb for a perfect replacement.


Last fall, our bathroom won the dark division in Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color contest.  Each division winner received a $1000 credit at  Over the last few months, I’ve added things to my cart, deliberated, swapped a few items, and finally settled on some really great pieces.  The Zest Tufted rug in slate is 100% wool, super plush, and an 8 by 10.

With a little graphic pattern, and the perfect color, I knew I wanted it.  At the original price of $499, I was happy to create a cozy play space for the little dudes.  As luck would have it, Fab had a sale last week, with a 50% discount on this handsome guy.  I hopped on and placed my order before that deal ran out.


I will say, I’m always so apprehensive with online ordering for large items.  But, I didn’t have much to lose, did I?  This rug absolutely exceeded my expectations.  Right after receiving the delivery, I hauled it upstairs, unrolled it, and placed it in the room.  Shortly after, both boys came in, said how much they loved it and proceeded to roll around.


There’s a catch, literally.  Not so much a complaint, just something I didn’t think of-the door swing.  Because this rug is so thick, the bedroom door wouldn’t close over it.  Not the end of the world, because Ben and I pulled it closer to the window, under the dresser to clear the door swing.  I’ll definitely take that problem anytime.


During the same sale, I scored a Fetch lamp.  The room has been lamp less since I stole and made over the previous base.  What sold me on this is the simple shape and dish designed base.


Everyone has collections or junk in pockets.  Why not store those little trinkets in a two for one combo?


I know what you’re thinking, with my rave review on the rug.  This post is not sponsored.  Affordable, quality rugs are hard to come by, so I had to share.  Ben even gave his seal of approval.  When it comes to rugs, that’s not an easy task either.  If only Fab had a 10 by 14 neutral version for our living room.

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