Last Minute DIY Gift for Women

Have you finished all of your holiday shopping?  No?  Well, then I think you’re with the majority of the public.  Maybe you have a woman (or two, or several!) on your list, but don’t know exactly what to get?  If that’s the case, consider this DIY that’s so quick and easy to personalize, you’ll be voted most thoughtful gifter of 2016.  I guarantee it.  Okay, I can’t guarantee it, but it seems likely.


To make one, or twenty, you’ll need:


  • Small circle stamping blanks
  • Jump rings
  • Necklace chain(s)
  • A hammer
  • Steel block
  • A letter and number stamping kit

I found everything I needed to complete this project (minus the hammer and steel block, because I already had one) at Hobby Lobby.  There were several stamp options, in a variety of sizes and fonts.  I chose a simple block font, for $11.99 plus a 40% off coupon.  The more you plan on stamping, the easier it is to justify buying a set, so really go to town.


Place your stamping circle on the steel block or something that’s really hard, maybe concrete.  Wood will not work because the hammer will push into it and twist the metal piece.  It helps to place a piece of tape at the bottom, to keep the disc in place, but also give you a line to keep your letter straight.


Then, hold the letter in place, keeping it steady and tap the end 5 to 10 times.  I found it easier, and got better results, by lightly tapping several times rather than one hard whack.  Not only can you keep the letter from moving, but hitting multiple times, moving the hammer around slightly, will impress the letter evenly into the disc.  stamped-necklace-hammering

With the disc finished, open a jump loop and slip it through the hole before closing it back up.  String it on a chain and you’ve just made a thoughtful, beautiful gift.  For friends with several kids, go ahead and make a disc for each kiddo for a sweet, sentimental piece she’s sure to love.


If sending through the mail, keep the necklace safe by attaching it on a piece of card stock, tape the back to prevent tangling.


For bonus points, make a fun little monogrammed ornament.  You’ll need wooden discs, small eye screws, ribbon, needle nose pliers, and paint.


Carefully screw the eye screw into the top of the disc, slip ribbon through, and paint a cute letter on the front.


It works as a fun gift topper, but something they can keep year after year.  Any great DIY gifts you’ve made this year or previously?

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