New Chairs in the Breakfast Nook

Also known as that one time I accidentally bought four chairs for the breakfast nook. Remember when I ordered chairs for the back deck?  Well, I placed the order before going to Minnesota.  The chairs arrived at our local Target store, and shortly after returning, I went into Target to pick up said chairs.  Apparently the chairs sat too long, and were either sent back, or set on the store floor for purchase.  A quick look in the outdoor department and I came up empty-handed.  But not for long.


Instead of the chairs I ordered, I spotted a stack of black Windsor chairs on clearance for $20 each.


Somehow, four magically jumped in my cart, and I thought maaaybe I’d give them a try on the back deck.  Worst case scenario, they don’t and I can return them.


Because it’s been hot as the surface of the sun lately, I hauled the chairs from the garage, up through the house to avoid being outside as long as possible.   I set the chairs in the family room, then brought in the rest of my purchases.


In the kitchen, heading back toward the garage, I realized the chairs could look cute at the breakfast table.


After all, I’d never loved the wooden chairs, seen above, we bought seven years ago.  Though those chairs were sturdy and not offensive, so I never put much thought into replacing the four.


Immediately, I hauled the chairs over to test out the look, feel, and size with the table.


The modernized version of the classic style were just the right finishing touch I didn’t know this room needed.  Home grown hydrangeas never hurt, either.


I snagged two more to add to the front deck to round out the double sofa seating arrangement.



So, what do we have on the back deck?  Well, while I was in Minnesota, Ben brought home one lounge chair from his boss and after sitting on it while reading a book, I decided two would be wonderful.


We got a second one for his and hers lounging.


Stylistically, is the design my favorite?  No, but they’re durable, don’t have cushions that get dirty/damaged, and can easily be hosed off to clean.  They’re quite comfortable, creating a relaxing area, especially with the waterfall trickling in the background.


Sometimes, things just happen to work out, even if it goes completely against the plan.  Have you accidentally found the perfect item when you weren’t looking for it?

One thought on “New Chairs in the Breakfast Nook

  1. Oooo, I love it when that happens! Are the new chairs metal? They look so much better than the others.
    I wasn’t really looking, but found two really nice bentwood and woven cane counter stools for our cabin. And they go perfectly with the bentwood/woven cane chairs I have at the table.

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