DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Each Halloween, our boys tell us what they want to dress up as, and we’ve had adorably kooky ideas throughout the years.  And each year, I do my best to turn their ideas into reality, and this year was by far my most time-consuming adventure.  This year one wanted to be a bag of Skittles, then the other asked to be his favorite candy, a Milky Way.

Skittles Bag

Naively, or stupidly, I thought they’d be quick to make.  I wouldn’t say difficult, but I would say time-consuming.  Drawing the lettering, cutting the felt, then hand stitching on the small details before using a sewing machine for the bigger details all took a decent chunk of time.


And the entire dining table while getting everything ready.


After multiple days of intermittent work, both costumes are completely done, and we have two happy boys.


The goal:

Milky Way Bar

And the reality:


Our Milky Way has a hard time not talking while getting a picture taken, hence the not-quite-a-smile smile.  Ben thought I was certifiable for adding the lettering shadows and the registration mark, but I’ve always cared about the tiny details.

If your Halloween costumes are still up in the air, there’s still time!  Here are our past years of costumes, all DIY, to get the creative juices flowing.  We have a Minecraft Zombie and Steve:


A Lego brick and light switch:


A 9 volt Duracell battery and rain cloud with rainbow:


A Rubik’s cube:


And a yellow Angry Bird:


A stop light (and Thor but he was too blurry):


A credit card:

Credit Card Costume

And finally, baby Hulk Hogan:

Hulk Hogan Costume

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween.  May your kids get plenty of your favorite candy that you can sneak while they sleep.

One thought on “DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Cute!! Your candy bats look amazing! We make our own costumes every year too. I’m running behind this year due to the flu but by Tuesday we should have a plump pineapple costume ready to go.

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