A Client Bathroom/Laundry Switch

We’ve been hard at work on another client project, with phase one nearly wrapped up.  Part one is a bathroom remodel, consisting of removing an unused bath tub, turning it into a wide shower.  Then, the shower space would become a closet for a stacking washer and dryer with a storage cabinet above.

bathroom shower before

bathroom sink before

Additionally, the swinging door into the water closet would become a space saving pocket door.

bathroom toilet room before

bathroom to bedroom before

One smaller change the owner wanted was to eliminate the swinging French doors, turning them into frosted barn doors instead.  This part of the remodel is only awaiting a glass shower door and then I’ll share the pretty afters.

Bathroom from Bedroom Before.jpg

Phase two of the remodel includes converting the existing laundry room right off the garage entrance into a mud/storage room.

laundry room before

With the garage door being the primary entrance for the family, the laundry room didn’t function well and offered little storage.  Wanting a place to sit to put on shoes, hooks to hang jackets, a cabinet to store a vacuum and mops, while still keeping a utility sink, we started planning.


Nearest the garage entrance, a 24 inch deep base cabinet to store the vacuum, mops, cleaning supplies with a cabinet above.  Center, a floating wooden bench with an over-sized peg board wall to hang jackets and such on, and an 18 inch deep cabinet above.  To the far left, a sink with two 24 inch tall by 18 inch deep cabinets above.  This space sits just off the kitchen, so storing crock pots and other kitchen appliances in the cabinets is required.

All of this plan centered around leaving the option open to put a stacked washer and dryer back into this space.  If ever needed or desired, the floating bench could come out and the stacked units slid into place.

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