Floor Plan, Finally!

In the 51 year history of our house, we’re only the second owners.  The old couple before us had the house built in 1960.  We’re fortunate enough that they left a few pictures and the original, hand drawn floor plans.  Because we’ve had a few requests to add a floor plan, I thought it would be fun to show you a few pictures of the original layout.  First, here’s the kitchen:

The sink, stove top, and refrigerator are roughly in the same place, but you can see there was a wall oven on the left side by the stove.  Where our peninsula now sits formerly was a wall with 24 inch deep cabinets.

Originally, our main level consisted of three bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths.

The main bathroom is the same, but we’ve altered the master bathroom by closing off a doorway and removing old duct work.  I know the plans are difficult to read, so I made a few digital versions.  Here’s the floor plan when Ben bought the house.

In 1997 or so, the old owners remodeled the kitchen.  They added a peninsula with cabinets above, but that was kind of the extent.  Before I met Ben, he had already closed off the door to the bathroom by the back door and added a shower.  In 2008, we converted the 3/4 bath to the full bath we have today.

As you already know, we’ve been working on renovating our kitchen, which included knocking down a wall.  Specifically this wall.

With the wall down, the whole living space feels open, airy, and modernized.

Our living room (and kitchen) before knocking down the wall:

And after:

Of course this picture is a few weeks old because we now have the new cabinets and counter tops in.