Mug Shot

I recently discovered a super cool product: Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Paint Pens.  I found mine at Michael’s (after checking Hobby Lobby) for $3.99 each.  I decided to make a mug set for bridal shower gifts, so I picked up four plain white mugs at Target for $2.99 each.  I made a design template in Photoshop, printed to plain paper and cut out my design.  Then, I carefully outlined my design and filled it in.  The Mr. and Mrs. mugs were a hit at the bridal shower!  When I found some free time, I decided to paint two mugs I already had.

I decided to make a monogram mug and a whimsical tea bag mug, free handing my designs.  And here’s what the look like:

(Sorry for the blue-ish tint)  The B is a sketched fill, inspired by a set Design Mom featured

Even though I don’t drink tea, I seem to be drawn toward tea items, so this was perfect for our tea drinking guests.

These mugs are huge, (seriously, our tiny coffee pot fills one cup) so I decided to play off that.  The mug is large enough for tea for two.

Now our guests will have cute, custom designed mugs to use.  As I said, we created Mr. and Mrs. mugs as a bridal shower gift.  What are your favorite hostess, bridal shower or wedding gifts?  Have you used the porcelain paint pens or glass pens?  Anyone inspired to make a design of their own?  The options are limitless.  I’m looking for the perfect plates to make a pretty flower design or graphic print.