In the Kitchen: Baby & Toddler

Our readers out there with children know all too well that kids have a ton of stuff.  Toys, strollers, clothes, shoes, diapers, and movies.  Well, kid clutter extends into the kitchen, too.  Why can’t manufacturers make more collapsible, easily stored, square items?  I don’t know, but personally, I find it annoying.  Anyway, I’m here to share a few tips on storing bottles, formula, sippy cups, plates, bowls.

Tip number 1:  Keep plates, bowls and silverware at toddler height.  This limits the “No, I don’t want that one” argument Vincent and I often had.  Instead, he can pick out his own bowl/plate/spoon/fork without arguement and he can help empty the dishwasher by putting his items away.  We also keep cloth napinks his drawer for easy, eco-friendly cleanup. 

Tip number 2:  Keep one small cabinet of cups, bottles, formula, and other random kitchen items.  Using a small cabinet limits the amount of accumulation, while keeping the ugly out of sight, but close at hand.  Store the most often used items on the lower shelves and less often used on the higher shelves. 

Tip number 3:  Invest in a few “cleaning faces and hands” only rags.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to have my face wiped with the same rag used to clean the chicken parmesan mess.  Just sayin’.