And the Walls Come Tumblin’ Down

If you follow us on Facebook, you already know we tackled more demo work this weekend.  Quite literally.  Ben got pretty physical with it.  The destruction took place in the kitchen, to the wall standing between the living room.  The process was pretty straight forward.  First, Ben removed the baseboard, chair rail, and an old no longer in use vent.  Just to make sheet rock tearing easier.

Then, from the kitchen side, Ben kicked some sheet rock butt.  Meaning he actually kicked his foot through.  With the rock loose, he used his hands to tear out chunks.  Some small.

Some large.

Because this wall is load bearing, Ben has reinforced everything in the attic, but we’re also keeping a beam and support posts down below.  To try to minimize sheet rock repairs, we decided to try to save the sheet rock which will cover the future beam.  Ben had an idea that sounded like it would break the sheet rock cleanly, both from the lower rock and studs.  First, he measured the height of the beam and marked the wall.  Then, he screwed a scrap of wood and scored along the edge.  He left the board up while tearing the sheet rock off.

Luckily, it worked like a charm.  Now we hoped the studs would come off cleanly.

Using a hammer and brute strength, Ben knocked each stud out, first at the bottom, then at the top.  And, the sheet rock stayed nearly perfect.  Wahoo for not having to patch more drywall and install new crown.

Open sesame!!  It’s so much brighter.  Funny story.  Just after Ben tore the sheet rock off the wall, I had to put something in the entry closet.  I noticed a sliver of light and looked for something reflecting light.  Then, I realized, this was the first time I’d ever seen fresh light at that angle.  Such a happy moment.  I know, I’m a mega nerd.

Even better, we can finally see from the kitchen into the living room.  No more wondering why Everett is crying when he’s on the other side.  I can see him.  Oh, and you can see the recessed can lights Ben installed on Thursday night.  Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.  We centered one over each work surface for direct task lighting.  We’ll also have lights in the vent hood over the range.

Genius Ben had another great lighting idea.  You could say a light bulb moment.  Ahah.  He wisely suggested we move the stove side lights closer to the beam, rather than centered over the counter.  Why?  So people on the couch wouldn’t be blinded by the light (name that band).  Once the decorative halos are in, the lights closer to the sink won’t be as visible either.

And here we are after a day of demo.  You’ll notice boxes for our sconces as well as our child safe light switch placement.  Of course that is temporary, but we’re moving stuff around so much lately.

Now for the best part.  Looking from the back door through the kitchen to the living room and beyond.  And, you can see the beam Ben installed along the top, which matches the dining room perfectly.

Yes, I did stop vacuuming to get Vincent a yogurt and take this picture.  Excuse the mess and the giant microwave that won’t stay.  We’re all so excited to finally see our plans come to life.  Vincent and Everett already love to sit on the chair near the stove to watch and beg for snacks.

That’s how we like to spend our Saturdays.  But we did a little more on Sunday, involving our vent hood.  What did you do?

P.S.  Manfred Mann.