Handmade Holidays: Snowflakes and Berries

We’ve made a few more Christmas ornaments, so we decided to share with you.  The first idea was inspired by this from Pinterest.  Basically, you print a template, place wax paper over, then trace with puff paints and put the design on a canvas.  We followed most of the steps, with the exception of the canvas.  I started by drawing snowflake designs in Photoshop.  Then, I printed the design and placed wax paper over.

Using a 99 cent tube of paint, I traced over each snowflake.

After letting the paint dry for 24 hours, I carefully peeled the designs off, leaving this:

Which hung nicely and held it’s shape well.

However, not all of the designs held their shape.  Womp, womp.

Turns out, the thicker designs worked better.  To hang on the tree, just add a ribbon or wire hanger and you’re done.  But, if your designs are too thin and floppy, don’t worry, we have a solution.  Carefully roll the design and place in a clear glass ball.  Use a pencil to flatten the design, then hang on the tree to enjoy.   I hate when I think I have a brilliant idea and it turns out to be a flop.  In this case, I think it worked out well.

And here’s a glimpse from the under side.

If you want to make your own puff paint snowflakes, here’s a printable template.  Oh, and you see those red berries?  Those were super simple.  Start with a floral pick from the craft store.  I got mine from HoLo for 75 cents.  You’ll also need scissors or wire cutters and extra wire.

Then, cut the berries off the main stem, as close to the base as possible.

Group two to five berries and wrap the ends together.  Cut a two-inch piece of wire and wrap that around the berries.

Attach to your tree by wrapping the added wire around a branch.

Then you’re done!  Oh, I tweaked a few of the Epsom salt filled balls, too.  While puttering around HoLo, I wandered into the doll house section.  That’s a bad thing for someone addicted to miniature things like I am.  But, I walked away with only one package of 12 birds for $1.50 (thanks to 50% off doll house supplies).  Everett also grabbed a package of birds and threw a fit when we I took them away at the check out counter.  No, we didn’t buy them.  When we got home, I plopped a few birds in the snow globes.

I think they’re cute, and still easily changed out next year.  I’ve got a few more decorations to share next week, too.

Anyone else inspired by ornament ideas from Pinterest?  What are your favorites?  Please share links, too.