Goodwill Goods

After a long week of hanging with our boys, I pawned them off on Ben to do a little retail therapy, alone.  I know the moms out there understand how great this is.  I find thrift stores are difficult to go to with kids.  Target usually has the same inventory, but thrift stores are ever-changing, so it takes more searching.  Off to Goodwill I went.  I didn’t find much, but I wasn’t looking for anything, either.  I did find a cute stone bird. 

I did think twice about this guy, trying to keep my bird obsession in check, but he wanted me to rescue him from the shelf.  So, I did.  I immediately snatched this brass leaf-shaped bowl.


I left Goodwill $4.50 lighter with two more projects in the works. 

Come back soon to see what I did to update my finds.  For now, though, I want to know what specific items you go to thrift stores to find.  Dishes?  Furniture?  Lamps?  Spill.

Gettin’ Thrifty With It

When I was in Minnesota visiting my family, my sister and I went to a local thrift store.  I didn’t find much, but I did get a small lidded apothecary style jar for $1.49.  Last week, I went to one of our thrift stores and found a larger version for $2.99 but received 25% off, making it $2.25.  Not too shabby.

I also snagged a solid marble covered jar.  The price was originally $11.99, but was 50% off, making the final price $6.00. 

Here they are after reuniting with a long-lost brother from Minnesota:

One big happy family again.  The jars look great and add some interest, but I didn’t think they were great deals.  I bought 13 books in the same trip.  Again, not great deals, but definitely better than Barnes and Noble.  I am most proud of the deal I received for a new rug.

This is a 6 foot by 9 foot jute rug with rubber backing.  It originally was sold at Pier 1, so I should try to find what it sold for.  I didn’t see a price on the rug, but there was a $49.99 sticker on the floor, near the rug.  I saw there was some damage to an area and decided to ask for a price. 

The thrift store worker checked and came back to me with a good price of $25.00.  I asked if I could get a discount because of the damage.  She asked if I meant it was stained and said they couldn’t discount for that.  I explained the wear and she left to get her manager.  In the mean time, I brought the rug up and un rolled it to show the damaged area.

The manager saw it and agreed that the damage was worth a discount.  So, I got a 50% discount, making the price for my 6 by 9 rug $12.50!  I would say that is a great deal.

Garage Sale, Thrift Store and Hand-Me-Downs, Oh My!

Garage and estate sales, second-hand and thrift stores are great places to find cheap pieces of furniture and accent pieces.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Target; I wouldn’t be a Minnesotan if I didn’t, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it.  I’m here to show some of my favorite used finds. 

This bench  floats my boat with its dark wood and small size.  This is actually the first piece of furniture Ben and I bought together while browsing a local used furniture shop.  It wasn’t necessarily a fantastic deal, but it was love at first sight, so $60.00 didn’t seem too bad. 

Recently, I started collecting globes.  I love the way they make a room feel.  I found this big guy at a local thrift store for $10.00. 

When I lived in Minnesota, I worked as a real estate agent in Minneapolis selling condominiums.  A couple that lived at my building put three of these Duncan Phyfe chairs by the road for FREE!  I snatched them up right away and we have used them for many larger gatherings.

My aunt has a cast iron match holder similar to this one that I have loved for quite some time.  When I stumbled across this guy at shop in town, I didn’t hesitate buying it.  It’s adorable and useful in its home on our wood chute, right by the fireplace. 

Last summer, my great-aunt gave us some of her old serving dishes, including this footed bowl.  It looks so cute holding our fruit on our kitchen countertops.

I think this mirror is by far the best garage sale deal we’ve ever gotten.  It was kelly green, but we spray painted it black and now it looks almost identical to this mirror that retails for $599.00!

I also bought a slew of large, medium and small glasses from a Minnesota thrift store to use as vases for our June 2006 outdoor wedding.  We had three different vases per table, each with a different type of flower.  It was much more affordable to create three smaller arrangements, rather than one large arrangement.  I’m not very good at arranging several types of flowers in one arrangement, so this was our solution. 

I’ve shared my favorite cheap finds, what are yours?  Any places you swear by if looking for a particular item, say lamps?  Do any have a special meaning or make you think of a certain someone?