Tray Chic

I’m sure you’re getting sick of posts about the guest room, but I’m so excited to have a room to decorate.  And tweak and perfect.  New green accents are a great burst of color, but I wanted more.  For handy storage, I made another storage box, this time green with navy accents and an octagon tray.


For $2.49 from Hobby Lobby, I think this little two-tone tray is down right cheerful.  Navy diagonal stripes on the box lid are youthful (perfect for a 19-year-old boy) and tie into the other navy elements.


Even more greenery in the form of a fake succulent (perfect for a room with little natural light) nestled in a spray painted glass jar.  Here’s a tip, get a glossy outside by painting the inside of glass vessels.


Fingers crossed we’ll install trim in here this weekend.  After painting it, we can finally paint the walls.  I’m almost positive we’ve settled on Safari by Benjamin Moore (the top, light sample).


It is more pale than I originally planned for, but I think it should work well.  There’s enough orange to keep it from turning lime green under the bluish CFL lighting, but still looks yellow.  Although I should admit I’m still yearning for a darker warm gold like Honeymoon.  A chip close to the light switch nearly blends in with the color I originally wanted.  I’m apprehensive to go with the darker color because I’ve struck out my last four attempts.


Which would you choose?  The lighter, safer option or the darker that is close to the original vision?