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    Went kitchen countertop shopping and came home with 6 remnants of soap stone. 3 of which are perfectly usable for the kitchen areas. Agreed to take it all for $100. Twist my arm why dontcha. This sky is on fire. This sky is on fiiirrreee. I'm walking on fire! Love this kind of wake up call. Part of this years super simple mantel. More of our paper themed Christmas on the blog now.

Brown Paper Packages

Tied up with paper tape.

This will be our first Christmas spent at our own house.  Heck, in our state.  The first year our little family of four won’t pack up to head to Minnesota for Christmas.  Instead, we’re staying home, sending gifts to family and friends through the postal system.  To keep wrapping simple, I used plain kraft paper, paper tape, and a black Sharpie to decorate the packages.

Mailable Christmas Gift Wrapping

Paper tape, from Target’s office supply section (I tried to find it online, but I didn’t see a link), adds a festive, unsquishable, mail ready  ribbon replacement.  And festive flair.

{image via Craft Day is the Best Day}

In all honesty, I don’t know what USPS allows for wrapping paper.   To prevent issues, I kept decorations flat, sticky, and minimal.


I think it still seems fun and holiday-ish.

For the boys, we’re using fun patterned wrapping paper they picked out and simple stick on bows.  Because that’s what makes them happy.  Especially the snowmen, deer, and mini bows.

Boys Gifts Wrapping Paper

Do you wrap/adorn gifts you mail out?  Have you picked up paper tape at Target?  Four rolls for four dollars is hard to beat.

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  1. malibou

     /  December 10, 2012

    I have not seen the paper tape at Target. I am going there today to hunt it down. I love paper tape.

    Cute idea to draw the tags on for shipping. Who wouldn’t be excited to find that on their porch.

    • Hi Malibou!

      Yes, definitely worth hunting down. Look in the office supply section, in with the clips, rubber bands, and such. Such a great price for washi tape, too!


  2. I did brown paper too! Here are 5 ways I decorated it including tape, ribbon, glitter, spray paint & more!


  3. Kate

     /  December 10, 2012

    I picked up some of that tape from Target and it’s great. I’ve added it to my now growing collection of washi tape. It’s a great price if you are looking for simple patterns or a solid color.

  4. Im doing this too. Brown craft paper is a lot cheaper than wrapping paper, and I like the look of it. Instead of the tape, i might use actual christmas wrapping paper cut into strips and the ends folded over. Maybe I will post something when I am done.

    • I has been using brown craft paper or brown lunch sacks for birthday parties and then stamping the paper-super cute:)

    • Hi Stpaulhaus!

      Kraft is so much cheaper. I’ve got a giant roll (something like 250 feet!) of it and I use it for so many things. Love your idea of using patterned paper to add a decorative touch!


  5. malibou

     /  December 14, 2012

    WooHoo! I found it. And it was on sale for $3.00 for the 4 pack. So, I bought myself 2 of each colour – red, blue, and green – one of each to play with now, and one of each for my Christmas stocking. :-)


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