It’s Marble-ous!

Yep, I’m talking about our new marble floor. 

Ben installed the new white marble floors in a brick pattern to add interest.  I think it looks amazing, but I’m biased.  You’ll notice a small corner of our new bathtub to the right.  Here she is in all her glory, sort of.  It’s a five-foot jetted tub and I couldn’t wait to use it!

After the tub was installed, Ben added beadboard panels to cover up the nasty wallpaper.  Then he built our custom vanity.  We decided on two drawer stacks, forgoing the cabinet.   Ben’s design also hid the sink plumbing, sweet! 

The counter top is a green granite remnant from a local marble and granite company.  The vessle sink and faucet were purchased on Ebay for $150.00 TOTAL!  The sink is a little difficult to keep clean because it’s clear and two sided, but it’s worth it. 

Keeping with the marble-ous theme, we installed a marble tile tub surround, too.  Ben wanted some dark tile, so this is the pattern we agreed upon.  (The tiles still need to be cleaned here).

The sill around the tub is a matching granite to give the tub edge some stability.

After three weeks of hard work and long hours, our bathroom looked like this:

We added a marble tile backsplash and reused our old mirror.  We turned it vertically to add height and reflect light from the new sky tube we installed over the tub.  Ben still had to build the drawer fronts, but we can see the finish line, now. 

In true Bowe fashion, we work really hard to finish a project and then take a few months off before completing the finishing touches.  So, after about three months, we finally had the drawer fronts done and installed. 

Here’s the finished bathroom now:

So, that’s how we transformed our ugly bathroom into a spa like retreat.  All for under $2000.00 with a lot of hard work.

One thought on “It’s Marble-ous!

  1. I LOVE those kinds of sinks. Everytime hubby and I watch HGtv together and see these sinks we drool over them. I cannot wait to get our new home so that we can rip apart a bathroom and put one of these suckers in!

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