Bathroom Pinks and Blues

Our main bathroom was an eye sore to say the least.  It was almost completely mauve.  2 inch square tiles covered the floor and countertop.  Pink metallic wallpaper covered all the walls.  Almond (read nicotine-stained) 4 inch square tiles were in the shower and went up to the ceiling cabinet?!  Yes, we had a totally unusable cabinet above our shower.  Here’s our starting point

After using the bathroom as it was for one year, we decided it was time to start over.  The process began by pulling out the awkward cabinet.  Someone seems pretty happy about it.

The next item to go was the tub, tile and sheet rock behind.

Pretty, huh?

Then Ben unhooked the sink and pulled out the vanity. 

After the vanity, Ben pulled up all the pink floor tile.  Then we spent HOURS removing the wallpaper.  We didn’t get very far and scraped up the walls along the way.  Time for plan B.


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