The Curtain Call!

I’ve been wanting to add some color to our living room for quite some time.  Repainting is out of the question for now due to small children and lack of time.  So, what else makes a big impact while being cheap?  Curtains, of course! 

I considered sewing curtains, but decided to look for a pre-made set first.  First stop, Target.  And guess what I found?  Two sets that I liked.  Target rarely lets me down.

Option number 1:  The first set is made be Fieldcrest.  A navy blue with a lovely overlapping circle pattern and lining.  Perfect for blocking light and adding privacy. 

Option number 2: The second set are from Target’s Home line.  The faux silk has the texture of real silk, but unlike real silk, these curtains can be machine washed and dried.  Perfect for homes with kids with sticky jam hands.  And the color is great. 

I bought both sets to get Ben’s opinion.  He liked the navy curtains becuase the color would help hide dirt.  BUT, the sea green color, texture, and airyness almost matched the dining room curtains I sewed last year. 

So, number 2 it is.  They seem happy in their new home, right?


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