Flower Power

Spring is by far my favorite season.  Everything is bright green, flowers are blooming and birds are chirping.  The flowers are a big selling point for me.  Anyone who knows me should know that I cannot keep indoor plats alive.  Sometimes I think they commit suicide because they know their fate.  Rather than having dead indoor plants, I have outdoor plants, which Ben lovingly tends to.  Probably The only reason they are still alive. 

Two years ago, Ben built two window boxes and new shutters for the front of our house.  Here they are this year with my purple and green color scheme in full bloom: 

It was such a beautiful day yesterday.  It has rained for the past few weeks-very unlike Montana.  So beautiful I decided to take a few photos of our house.  The roses are beginning to bud out, leaves are green and the sun was shining!  Just don’t pay attention to the hoses…

I’m very pleased with our shade plants, too.  They have filled in very nicely:

Four long years ago, I transplanted a group of peonies from my great grandma.  After three years of small buds and no flowers, I have this:

I’m pretty sure I will have at least 4 flowers!  YAY!!  Now we need to fill in with rock-and paint our fence…


3 thoughts on “Flower Power

    1. I don’t think Ben does anything special to the grass. We have a well so he waters a lot, but that’s about it.

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