Master Bathroom Reno, Take 2

After we replaced the old furnace with our new geothermal heating and cooling unit, we were able to remove the ductwork raceway in our master bathroom. 

Without the wall for the ductwork, we had enough room to move our toilet and add a 5 foot bathtub/shower.

With a new floor plan, we started to re-remodel our master bathroom. 

The first item to go was the small shower stall.  You can see into our kitchen through that vertical hole.

The toilet and vanity soon followed.  Ben moved the toilet plumbing and we got to work rebuilding.  We had some sheet rock to patch after tearing down the wall, so that was the first change.  Then Ben installed our new bathtub and we built a wall at the end.

We decided to make the end wall a 3/4 tall wall to keep the shower light and bright.

Once our wall was built, we installed out 12 inch square white marble surround.  This is a square lay pattern with glass tile accents.  I love that the marble extends to the ceiling. 

More marble and grainte soon followed.  Ben did a wonderful job installing our absolute black granite and white marble checker board floor.  It definitely makes a statement while being classic.

We let the tile set before grouting with an unsanded white grout.  Sanded grout would have scratched the marble.  To keep with the rest of the house, we installed the same trim pattern we used in our master bedroom.  Unfortunately, we could not completely install the trim at this point becuase we had to move our electrical panel first. 

Here’s a shot of the vanity Ben built.  He even cut and polished the granite! 

I filled and sanded about 1,000,000 holes.  A lot of primer, paint, sweat, blood and tears later, we had a new bathroom!

8 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Reno, Take 2

  1. Amanda since I’ve only recently discovered your blog… I’m looking up your back catalogue here so be prepared for comments on all sorts of old posts!! Lol…

    Love this bathroom – what a great result 🙂

  2. Amanda, I have the same exact bathroom tile and my shower/tub walls are the same. I love, love my floor and it was a dream to have it done. You did an amazing job and I love the fresh white and black accents with the wall color, so pretty, you guys really worked hard on this and it shows, Just lovely,Kathysue

    1. Hi Kathysue!

      Thanks so much! We love our bathroom. It took a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it.

  3. I love your bathroom too! I am in the process of planning our master bathroom remodel and I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog. I was wondering where you got your tile and the price you paid. Also you said you husband cut and polished your countertop-wow-where did you find a piece to be able to do that with and what did he use to cut it and polish it? Thanks for all your help!

    1. Hi Tanya,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We got the white marble and absolute black granite from Home Depot and it was under $5.00 per square foot for each. I don’t know what the prices are for the tile currently avaliable (we finished our bathroom nearly two and a half years ago). We found a granite remnant at our local granite and marble supplier. It’s easy to cut with a diamond blade circular saw. Ben bought special granite polishing pads from the same local supplier and used a right angle grinder to polish it. Yep, the pain in both our bedroom and bathroom is Bay Laurel by Restoration Hardware. LOVE RH colors, especially Sea Green. We have that in our guest bedroom. It’s perfect because the color changes depending on the light.

      Hope this helps!

  4. one other question. Is the color on the wall Bay Laurel from Restoration Hardware (I love all of their colors its so hard to choose one).

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