Things I Love About Our House

I’m sure most homeowners at least like their houses.  We love our house, especially some of the features and details.  Here are some of our favorites:

Our deep windowsills:

Our master bath window sill is marble clad:

The pantry above our stairs is great, too, although the doors could use a little love. 

It is huge and holds almost all of our non-perishable food items, paper towels and larger dishes. 

We have added white trim to almost every room in our house.  It seems obvious that we love it, so here are some detail shots:

I love the crown moldings above the doors and windows in our master bedroom.  It is convenient to have the hidden lighting, too. 

The guest bedroom trim is simple, but definitely adds character to the room.

Here’s the plate rack we added to our dining room.  Capped off crown molding and quarter round trim provide storage for large platters, but serves as artwork, too. 

White trim in a basement bedroom brightens up the space and adds interest. 

Our basement bathroom is outfitted with simple trim topped by a shelf, providing a display area and small storage.

What do you love about your house?  Maybe some architectural details?  Lighting?  The layout?

6 thoughts on “Things I Love About Our House

  1. I agree you have reason to love, your moldings and trim work are by far some of the most amazing I have seen. Totally envious and my hub is going crazy since I keep bugging him about ours! 🙂


  2. Hey Jen! Thanks so much! It’s really amazing the difference a little MDF trim can make! The trim has totally changed the look of our house.

  3. One of the first things I noticed when looking through your home tour was your beautiful trim and molding! I especially love the plate rack with the white plates against the darker wall color. Stunning!

    What I love most about our house are the 5 large windows we have going across one wall of the living room that faces the front door. They’re really the first thing you see when you walk in the house, and they make a nice statement, especially when opened up to reveal the back yard.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! The windows sound great! I love houses with tons of windows. The added light is great!

  4. I love your dining room molding and appreciate the close-up photo. I am getting ready to do something similar in my dining room and if I understand correctly, you put quarter round molding at the front edge of the capped off crown molding to keep the plates in place? Brilliant! I don’t have a router to cut a plate rail so I am soooo stealing your idea! Thanks!

    1. Hi Martha! You have it right. We used the crown moldings to add the depth from the wall and put a top on that to make it flat. Then we added quarter round to the front edge to hold the plates. If we did router a rail, the large plates still wouldn’t fit-and this was so much easier!! I’d love to see pics of the finished product!

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