Flower Power: Part Deux

It’s officially summer and my roses have gotten the memo.  I love roses.  They bloom multiple times a year if you cut off the dead flowers.  They get a bad rap for being difficult to care for, but they are actually easy.  Simply water, fertilize a few times, and cut off the dead flowers.  Enough talk, though.  Here are the stars of this post:

I’ve got all colors, purple…




I saved the best for last.  This rose starts off orange-yellow, but turns bright pink as it opens more.  It’s amazing! 


One thought on “Flower Power: Part Deux

  1. I love roses, I agree with you they love to bloom if your dead head, I was bad for the past few months, I have a ton of dead-heading to do! I hope they come back and bloom like crazy, we got blooms well in to late oct last year

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